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    • Kendra Au
      I'm specifically after the DVDs and Teacher guide. Having purchased this previously I can obtain the student guide from the company directly, but was hoping to pick up the dvds second hand
    • morialta4me
      Hello Mrs angiet,   Thank you,   I have sent you a PM   Thank you again, God Bless Teresa
    • angiet
      The Great Fire Thunder on the Right   Stories From Roman History by Jean Defrasne hb wdj ec $6…   Verity of Sydney Cove by Ruth C. Williams hb gc $5…   Beowulf The Warrior retold by Ian Serraillier (A Bethlehem Book) *as new* $10…   Heroes of The Elizabethan Age : Stirring Records of the Intrepid Bravery and Boundless Resources of the Men of Queen Elizabeth by Edward Gilliat hb ec $10…. Jason by Henry Greece hb wdj ec $10…   The Royal Diaries Marie Antoinette Princess of Versailles Austria-France, 1769 by Kathryn Lasky hb ec $6….     thank  you:)  I should probably finish my pile up 
    • morialta4me
      Choose 5 from this list and receive a further discount! Jingo of the Jungle by Jean Hughes pb gc FREE….PENDING   Saint George for England A Tale of Cressy and Poitiers (abridged edition)  by G.A. Henty hb gc $2…PENDING   The Turf-Cutter’s Donkey by Patricia Lynch pb gc OOP $1…PENDING Henry Lawson Popular Verse pb (1943 edition) ec $2….PENDING Return to Treasure Island by John Goldsmith pb gc $1…PENDING In The Forest by Jim Arnosky hb wdj gc $3…PENDING Book 1 Dragonkeeper by Carole Wilkinson pb gc $1…PENDING   Pieces Of Eight Being the Authentic Narrative of a Treasure discovered in the Bahama Islands by Richard Le Gallienne hb wdj $2…PENDING   The Great Fire by Monica Dickens pb gc $3…   The Incredible Steam-Driven Adventures of Riverboat Bill by Cliff Green pb ec $3…PENDING The Pass of Morning by Showel Styles pb gc $3…PENDING Short Shanks and Other Tales From the Norse hb fc vintage c.1912 edition $3…PENDING The Little Donkey by Fay Inchfawn hb gc $3…PENDING A Short History of History by Ernest Scott (includes fold out map) hb ec $2…PENDING   Penny and the Kingdom by the Lake by Winifred Dwyer hb gc FREE….a charming story which children will love, and grown ups shoulder ponder. For it is a spiritual lesson for us all….All ages   Thunder on the Right by Mary Stewart pb gc $2…   The Adventures of Billy Bounser and Tommy Terror by H.L. Gee hb gc $2…PENDING Badger on the Barge and other Stories by Janni Howker hb ec $2…PENDING       Choose 4 or 5 titles from this list and receive a further discount   For The Love of Literature Teaching Core Subjects With Literature by Maureen Wittman pb ec $12…PENDING   Global Art Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Jean Potter pb gc $12…An ideal way to start children on an exciting, creative adventure towards global understanding! The fun, easy-to-do art activities in Global Art use collage, painting, drawing, printing, construction and sculpture to help children appreciate people and cultures from all over the world. Each activity is explained in step-by-step detail an accompanied by geographic and cultural background to help you make the most of the teaching possibilities. MaryAnn Kohl's fantastic open-ended approach, while teaching about global art and cultures at the same time allows children to learn multiple art techniques for other subjects! Ages 9-12   Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech hb wdj ec $5….Ruby Holler is a Carnegie Medal-winning novel, and with its quirky protagonists and exciting journey, captures the imaginations of readers of all ages.   Brother and sister Dallas and Florida are the “trouble twins.” In their short thirteen years, they’ve passed through countless foster homes, only to return to their dreary orphanage, Boxton Creek Home. Run by the Trepids, a greedy and strict couple, Boxton Creek seems impossible to escape. When Mr. Trepid informs the twins that they’ll be helping old Tiller and Sairy Morey go on separate adventures, Dallas and Florida are suspicious. As the twins adjust to the natural beauty of the outdoors, help the Tillers prepare for their adventures, and foil a robbery, their ultimate search for freedom leads them home to Ruby Holler. This poignant story evokes a feeling as welcoming as fresh-baked bread. The slow change of the siblings—who are no angels—parallels the gradual building of mutual trust for the Moreys. The novel celebrates the healing effects of love and compassion. Although conflicts emerge, readers will have little doubt that all will end well for the children and the ‘grandparently’ Moreys. Ages 8-12.    Stories From Roman History by Jean Defrasne hb wdj ec $6…   Holiday at Magpie Cottage by E. C. Matthews hb wdj $4…. Three Schoolgirls lend a cottage in the Yorkshire Dales for their holidays. Magpie Cottage lies in Yorkshire dale. The three girls run the holiday entirely on their own, under the kindly eye of the farmer’s wife, their near neighbour. On their journey there they meet Hugh and Sybil Thornton in unusual circumstances, and Clem, the eldest of the girls, believes that there is some mystery connected with the brother and sister. In the end her suspicions are justified, but she is amazed to learn that they have been the means by which Hugh and Sybil have been able to accomplish the secret purpose which brought them into the dale. Ages 12-15   The Australian Turkey Boy of the Australian Plains by Ray Harris hb wj gc $5…PENDING   Verity of Sydney Cove by Ruth C. Williams hb gc $5…   Farmer Schulz’s Ducks by Colin Thiele pb *as new* signed by the Illustrator Mary Milton $6…Farmer Schulz is proud of the beautiful ducks who live with him by the banks of the Onkaparinga River. As the city spreads, closing in on their farm, traffic gets heavy on the road between the farm and the river. Tragedy strikes when a hasty motorist kills a duck crossing the road. Several other incidents occur; all proposed solutions to save the ducks fail. Farmer Schulz ingeniously digs a tunnel under the road for his ducks. This restores tranquillity to the banks of the river. The storytelling is gentle as Thiele describes life along the Australian river. Readers will be as alarmed as Farmer Schulz at the intrusion of civilisation on the idyllic farm life. Milton's realistic watercolours reveal a wonderfully lazy life on a riverbank and all the charms of ducks of different types. As in Make Way For Ducklings , the moral is that city life is not entirely safe for ducks; but some readers may be disturbed by the number of ducks killed by the thoughtless motorists.  This 1986 copyright picture book from Australia is a rich heirloom that still finds its way today. Text lis beautiful, vivid and delightful, the illustrations are subtle, rich, and precise reflections of the many breeds and personalities of ducks that appear in the text. In this case the problem is major, in that duck lives are repeatedly lost or endangered by the daily crossing of a busy road. The various attempts are clever, but ineffective, and it is little Anna's suggestions that eventually save the day- and the ducks! Ages 5-9   Beowulf The Warrior retold by Ian Serraillier (A Bethlehem Book) *as new* $10…   Freckles by Gene Stratton-Porter hb gc $5…PENDING   The Henchmans at Home by Hester Burton hb wdj *as new* $4……The adventures of three children growing up in a Victorian household in England. This an old-fashioned family history in six self-contained episodes, the continuity supplied by the characterisation of the three growing Henchmans and the certainties of their comfortable Victorian existence. From Rob's running away from home on his seventh birthday to Ellen's falling in love with the new doctor at a glittering ball, the story follows the conventionally high-spirited Henchmans for eleven years. With William, a university freshman, torn between the beckoning world and his father's medical practice, is more in the spirit of the whole. Others turn out to be just as interesting or more so….. one humorously when the star of the missionary benefit, Miss Veena Basu from India, is unmasked as Ron ill-advisedly attempting to aid his Aunt's favourite cause -- one with momentary suspense when a cast skating party is interrupted by a bank explosion that Rob is suspected of setting. Old fashioned, fun, drama and life. Ages 12-15   Bring Out The Banners by Geoffrey Trease hb wdj *as new* $8…PENDING   The Miraculous Medal Stories, Prayers, and Devotions by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle pb *as new* (would make a great gift) $7….Over twenty years ago, Mother Teresa gave Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle a blessed Miraculous Medal, and she has never taken it off. To date, Donna-Marie has given away thousands of Miraculous Medals. But what is the Miraculous Medal--and why is it considered miraculous? Why is it important for us today? You'll learn the answers to these questions, and you'll also discover: The origin and history of the Miraculous Medal How the medal got its name The story of St. Catherine Labouré The author has collected many contemporary stories of the Miraculous Medal's attraction and impact. Also provided is a section of prayers and devotions, including the perpetual novena prayer, spiritual benefits, and more. This is an informative, fascinating, and inspiring book, designed to stir the hearts of those who aren't familiar with the Miraculous Medal's miraculous powers through the Blessed Mother's intercession, as well as those who areIn addition to the story about St. Catherine's life and experiences with blessed Mary, the book includes a discussion of modern day miracles and Graces as a result of wearing the Medal, and devotional prayers helpful to the reader. If you are a Christian and are interested in the saints, I know you will enjoy this book as mush as I did. Donna-Marie does and excellent job with this story.    Kingfisher The Earth The Geography of Our World (Icludes experiments) by Barbara Taylor pb *as new* $5…PENDING Heroes of The Elizabethan Age : Stirring Records of the Intrepid Bravery and Boundless Resources of the Men of Queen Elizabeth by Edward Gilliat hb ec $10….   Jason by Henry Greece hb wdj ec $10…   Beatrix Potter’s Letters A Selection by Judy Taylor hb wdj (rare ) $30…Beatrix Potter was a very private person, yet, luckily for us, she was a prolific letter writer. Through her own words to friends, working colleagues and children we can discover the observant, energetic, affectionate and humorous personality she kept hidden from her public. Her life covers a period of immense social change. The restricted existence of a dutiful Victorian daughter, the background against which she first wrote the story of Peter Rabbit, was very different from that of war-time England where she continued to pioneer countryside conservation until her death. Documents every stage of Beatrix Potter's life, the publishing process of her earlier books, her correspondence with her editor, her years in the Lake District, and efforts to preserve the countryside…Mum has a copy of this book (as well as a treasure trove of other wonderful book allBeatrix Potter!!!) She love reading it as much as most of her other books, an sometimes even used it as English writing ideas in our school….It is an amazing look into her life through her own words an not another person. A welcome read to those who like anything on this wonderful author, naturalist, an farmer!! Would make a lovely gift!!! (don’t let the collectors get a hold, they’ll mark it over $70 an then no-one can enjoy it, unless your rich!)   The Royal Diaries Marie Antoinette Princess of Versailles Austria-France, 1769 by Kathryn Lasky hb ec $6…   My Story A London Girl’s Diary 1665-1666 The Great Plague by Pamela Oldfield pb *as new* $6…PENDING
    • HomeGrownKids
      if ready to be deleted, can you edit the title of your original ad and put Please Delete in the title, please?  
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