Homeschooling is a legally recognised option for the education of children in all states of Australia. the decision to take responsibility for the whole education of a child, via a course of study is one that is not to be taken lightly. Parents cite one-on-one instruction, family togetherness, parental involvement and academic achievement as some of the main reasons for choosing to homeschool.

The benefits of homeschooling are numerous: one-on-one teaching, tailored learning programs, well rounded curriculum and social advantages just to name a few. AussieHomeschool believes in educational freedom. We exist to support parents in their endeavours – whether that be a workbook approach, a thematic approach, a Classical approach or unschooling.

AussieHomeschool was originally started in 1999, primarily as a means for sharing used resources. Beginning on a humble message board we have developed into one of the largest and best online, homeschool communities in Australia. The entire moderating team has over 40 years of homeschooling experience between them!

Within the pages of AussieHomeschool you can buy and sell resources, talk with other homeschooling parents, read articles to inform, equip and encourage, share files, contribute and connect. We are Aussie parents just like you. We all have good days and bad days, but AussieHomeschool makes your role that little bit easier. Our aim is to support you on your homeschooling journey.

  • If it wasn’t for AH, I would never have taken the BIG step of homeschooling! Whenever help is needed, AH is there! Support? Encouragement? Ideas? Testimonials? Resources! Resources! Resources!!!? AH is the one to go to! Thank you so much for being there for us! Even when I finish homeschooling, I will always come back to AH for their love and banter and ongoing generosity!! God bless you for eternity!–Smiley77

  • AussieHomeschool is an incredibly safe, encouraging, and informative community. If you’re contemplating joining, jump in! You’re welcome to join the conversation, present questions, share your experiences, and follow as others share their journey in homeschooling. Many thanks to Susan, and the moderators, for their tireless efforts to make the forum the grand place it is!–Joi

  • From a vendors perspective it has been an excellent way for me to share my latest products. For my customers it is also a great place to send them when they need support and advice. From a personal note AussieHomeschool has been a great source of encouragement and camaraderie. It’s often my adult connect with a bunch of women I know will understand.–Michelle, from Homeschooling DownUnder

  • Aussie Homeschool has been the best source of information for me, it has given me the courage to homeschool my son who has Aspergers. The members/admin have been awesome for support and advice, I love AHS!!–Shaz (Carolyn)

  • I’ve been very blessed by Aussie Homeschool, over the years. I have discovered lots of curriculum which others have recommended, received quick answers from other homeschoolers when I’ve had questions, saved by purchasing secondhand resources and have accumulated a wealth of needful information on the forums. This site has made a big difference to my homeschool journey and I have recommended it to others along the way. God Bless!–Eaglenest

  • AussieHomeschool has been invaluable to me in having a place to go to for advice for a whole range of subjects – some homeschool related, some not. The generosity of the admin and the members help me to feel supported in our homeschooling journey.–abundanceatangas

  • AussieHomeschool has added a whole new dimension to my homeschooling, enabling me to hear about different teaching methods, organisational suggestions and helpful hints in a way which would have been just about impossible otherwise. It is one thing to read about homeschooling methods, but to actually be able to read the experiences of people using them is a huge blessing. I am grateful for the encouragement and support of the group and the range of interesting topics we discuss. I am so grateful so many people take the time to give so much practical advice and for the support AussieHomeschool has been to me.–Bluewren

  • I love AussieHomeschool as there have been times of self doubt, but just coming here I am reassured by so many people that I CAN do it. The Classified area has saved me so much money, and also made a simple easy way to sell goods. Never had a bad experience ever. The SN area of the forum has been a great sounding board and a warm area where we can all share the ups and downs of homeschooling children with special needs. Most importantly it is a warm and caring helpful environment, you can always “feel the love”.–Kitty

  • AussieHomeschool: dependable, fantastic resource if you either dip in or follow the posts – do both and you’ll feel at home homeschooling in no time!–Beverley Paine

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