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    • morialta4me
      Hello Mrs Nekks, have sent you a PM Thank you, God bless Teresa
    • nells
      Oh you have such interesting books! Let's start a new pile: Kammora (mavis clark), midwives apprentice(karen kushman) ,Tim starts farming (ted fellows), the other way round (judith kerr) and the thrush green books (miss read) and silkworms. Thanks, Nell
    • nells
    • LucyRJB
      Hi Nell,   So sorry I didn't reply to this message! I usually get an email to tell me there's a message and I didn't this time.  You've probably got rid of your books by now but do please let me know if you have any of these still available.  Also looking for any Apologia science textbooks.   Thanks! Lucy
    • morialta4me
      Hi everyone.... I hope everyone is well?   Here is a new list plus a few bargains from an older list!   Thank you to all who have supported our friend. Little Grace is home. We pray no more infections occur, or side affects from new medications. Your prayers are much appreciated - her birthday is soon. we are so excited she will be home for it. She will be 6. God Bless to you all Teresa   Elephant Bill by J.H. Williams pb ec $7….A book comes along like this once in a lifetime. You read it as a small child, or even as a adult, and never forget the images it conjures up, of a wonderful Englishman who lives in the mysterious forests of faraway Burma and of the kind native people who teach him about their lovely country. But most of all, you never forget the elephants! For this is a story about those magnificent creatures. Though he was officially known as Lt. Colonel J.H. Williams, the author was known to the world at large as “Elephant Bill”. That is because he spent 25 years living with the elephants in the mountains and forests of Burma. There he trained them to haul teak logs out of the isolated jungles. Yet this is also a story of great courage because when the Second World War struck, it also came to Burma. The Japanese Imperial Army planned to confiscate the Burmese elephants, drafting them to make the bridges and railways they needed to invade India. When he learned of these plans to put his beloved animals to a war-like purpose, Elephant Bill knew what had to be done. The mighty kings of the jungle had to be evacuated to safety.Personal story of Colonel Williams' adventures in Burma. A bit tedious but quite interesting to read about his involvement with working elephants. Marvellous Read Aloud! or Ages 10++   A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley pb ec $8…. Set in Renaissance England Penelope Taberner Cameron is a solitary and a sickly child, a reader and a dreamer. Her mother, indeed, is of the opinion that the girl has grown all too attached to the products of her imagination and decides to send her away from London for a restorative dose of fresh country air. But staying at Thackers, in remote Derbyshire, Penelope is soon caught up in a new mystery, as she finds herself transported at unforeseeable intervals back and forth from modern to Elizabethan times. There she becomes part of a remarkable family that is, Penelope realises, in terrible danger as they plot to free Mary, Queen of Scot, from the prison in which Queen Elizabeth has confined her.  Penelope knows the tragic end that awaits the Scottish queen but she can neither change the course of events nor persuade her new family of the hopelessness of their cause, which love, loyalty, and justice all compel them to embrace. Caught between present and past, Penelope is ever more torn by questions of freedom and fate. To travel in time, Penelope discovers, is to to be very much alone. And yet the slow recurrent rhythms of the natural world, beautifully captured by Alison Uttley, also speak of a greater ongoing life that transcends the passage of years. Ages 8-12   Kammoora by Mavis Thorpe Clark pb gc $6…Set in 1844, John Webster and his family arrive by bullock cart to start a new job and a new life on the huge but isolated Kammoora Station. Twelve year old Henrietta, high spirited and resourceful, and her three brothers soon find themselves involved in a host of new and exciting experiences. Great Read Aloud or  Ages 8-14   The Emperor’s Winding Sheet by Jill Paton Walsh pb ec $6….The Emperor's Winding Sheet is about the siege and fall of Constantinople in 1453 where 7000 men held back what has been estimated between 80,000-200,000 soldiers for nearly 2 months. Told from the point of view of Vrethiki, it quickly draws the reader into the story of this strange kingdom, language, and customs. At first Vrethiki is terribly resentful and seething with anger that the Emperor would keep him as a servant against his will simply because of a prophesy. In time, he comes to love and respect all those around him, especially Constantine. The author did an excellent job of conveying Vrethiki's caged animal feelings as well as his growing admiration and love for Byzantium and the other characters in the siege. It can be pretty intense at times, going into detail about what happened to the Christians who were caught during the siege. It's marketed as a Young Adult novel but reading it aloud, I’m sure you will enjoy it too! However, it is better for Ages 15++ especially those who are studying Medieval and Renaissance History.    Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman pb *as new* $8…Catherine, a spirited and inquisitive young woman of good family, narrates in diary form the story of her fourteenth year—the year 1290. A Newbery Honour Book. This unusual book provides an insider's look at the life of Birdy, 14, the daughter of a minor English nobleman. Birdy is the 14-year old daughter of a 14th-century landowner in Merrie Olde Englande. While her father plots suitable arranged marriages for her and her mother tries to prepare her for being a wife by teaching her manners, needlework and herbal medicine, Birdy, the ultimate tomboy, plots ways to get rid of the suitors…Ages 13+    The Midwife’s Apprentice by Karen Cushman pb *as new* $6….Set in Medieval England, it tells of how a homeless girl becomes a midwife's apprentice—and establishes a name and a place in the world, and learns to hope and overcome failure. This novel won the John Newbery Medal in 1996. Mary Beth Dunhouse, chair of the Newbery Award Selection Committee, wrote of the book, "The reader is drawn in from the first sentence when the author speaks of a 'rotting and moiling heap. 'And this is when the reader meets the central character, Brat--'unwashed, unnourished, unloved, and unlovely... who dreamed of nothing, for she hoped of nothing and expected nothing.' This homeless waif becomes the midwife's apprentice--a person with a name and a place in the world. Medieval England is well-evoked, and readers will find this world so compelling that they will keep turning pages to see what happens next.” Ages 13++   Island of the Blue Dolphin by Scott O’Dell pb gc $4…A beautifully told historical account of a strong Native American girl…The story is engaging, well written and is loosely based on the life of a woman who actually lived alone on an island off the California coast, La Isla de San Nicolas from1835 to1853, and came to be known as The Lost Woman of San Nicolas. Little is really known about her life due to her strange language, which no one could understand. It did not bear similarity to any known languages. In the post log of the book, O’Dell describes the woman’s life at the Santa Barbara Mission from the time that she was “rescued” to her death. This is an excellent book for children in fourth through eighth grades. Girls will love the descriptions of the self-made clothing and jewellery that she wore. Ages 8-12   The Borrowers Avenged by Mary Norton pb ec $6…Pod and Homily Clock, as well as their daughter, Arrietty, are Borrowers, tiny people who live secretly in human houses and “borrow” food and any other items they need. They were forced to flee their first home when a housekeeper discovered them. After a harrowing journey, they found the home of their extended family in a nearby cottage, but a famine forced the Clocks to move yet again. They end up in a model village called Little Fordham, but are kidnapped by the owners of a rival model village. After escaping in a hot air balloon, they temporarily return to Little Fordham while they search for a new home. This is the fifth and final book in the series.  Great Read Aloud or Ages 8-12   We’ll Meet in England by Kitty Barne pb gc ( signed by author)$ 10.....  This story, dealing with the escape from Norway of two children of English-Norwegian parentage, puts all the emphasis on the preparations for departure, the attempts to forestall suspicions of a neighbouring Nazi agent - A good adventure story. GREAT READ ALOUD, or Ages 10++   Fredrika’s Children by Anna Lisa Warnlof hb wdj gc $5..... Fredrika gets caught in the rain with her baby step-brother and several other young children who become attached to her for various unusual reasons. When she takes shelter with the children at her mother's home she decides to spend the summer looking after her new young charges. Assisted by her friend Martin, she turns out to be completely capable of handling the children, much more so, it appears, than their parents, to whom they dish out occasional advice. The story, includes anecdotes, adventures and the delightful care of the children by Fredrika….A joy to read! A mothers read, or/and high school girls!   About Silkworms and Silk by Sophie Wormser hb wdj gc $3…After the pupils in Miss Lee’s class have had the experience of raising silkworms in their classroom, they learn about the manufacture of silk by means of a film and discussion. By using the device of a living story the author has been able to give the reader many details about the silk industry without making them seem mere dry facts. The reader will find himself as interested in the metamorphosis of the silkworms as are children who read this story. Includes illustrations, a great junior science living book. Ages 7-10   The Golden Horseshoe by Patrick Duggan hb wdj gc $3…set against a background Irish legends, this story is alive with excitement an comedy. Sharon is a tinker girl with a head full of dreams, which are fed by Rory, the travelling storyteller, as the tinkers sit around the camp fire at night. One day she throws an old horseshoe into a stream and when the water washes it she sees that is pure gold. …….this is a funny story of how she finds the horse who belongs to the horseshoe and how she travels to the the Land of the Young…..and is freed by a prince. It is a taste of legendary storytelling at its finest….a great way to inspire children to come up with their own stories of lands, animals of their imagination! Ages 8-10   Tim Chooses Farming by Ted Fellows hb wdj ec $4…When his father gave up an office job and bought a farm, Tim was very happy to leave school and join him. He enjoyed working with the animals and helping with the calving and lambing, but found jobs like fencing and beef-lifting tedious, and winter weather daunting. Then an accident to his father put the responsibility for the farm on Tim’s shoulders. Friendly help save the situation, and after months of hard work, anxiety and excitement Tim knew what his future career would be. The story is packed with information about breeding sheep and cattle, foot and mouth disease, making silage, etc. an gives a clear overall picture of the hazards as well as the pleasures of farming. Ages 9-14   The White Frame House by Rae Sedgwick hb wdj ec $4…No day was too long for B. J. Aiken. She was always fining something to do, from raising frogs in the bathtub to trying to fly from the hen-house roof, and the old white frame house in which she lived was kept humming!Tender, touching, and often funny, The White Frame House offers a rewarding glimpse into the special world of remarkable young girl. Great Read Aloud or Ages 9-13   The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting pb gc $3….Doctor John Dolittle loves animals. He loves them so much that his home and office overflow with animals of every description. When Polynesia the parrot teaches him the language of the animals, Doctor Dolittle becomes a world-famous doctor, traveling even as far away as Africa to help his friends.If the only version of "Dr Dolittle" you know is Eddie Murphy's you don't know Dr Dolittle. Even if you've see the Rex Harrison musical, if you haven't read the book, you don't know Dr Dolittle. Small, tubby, and shy, Dr Dolittle is a brilliant doctor whose love of animals loses him his human patients. But after his parrot Polynesia teaches him to speak animal languages, the Doctor becomes famous in the animal world, and travels across the world and even to the moon! Any child who is not given the opportunity to make the acquaintance of this rotund, kindly, and enthusiastic doctor/naturalist and all of his animal friends will miss out on something important. Ages 8-12   Alfred Hitchcock The Mystery of The Dead Man’s Riddle text by William Arden pb gc $4…. Three young detectives go on a high-stakes treasure hunt in order to restore a fortune to the rightful heirs. Brimful of goodness. Hitch appears outside of the last chapter and Aunt Mathilda saves the day unexpectedly at a particular point in the plot. The story is dense with action throughout. The illustrations depict the action excellently, without giving away plot points.The plot is fast and thrilling, with the clues in the form of rhyming slang. A brilliant story and one of the best in the series. Ages 10-14   Midnight is a Place by Joan Aiken pb ec $5….set in 19th-century England, Midnight Is a Place by Joan Aiken stars Lucas Bell, who lives with his guardian Sir Randolph Grimsby in a lonely old house called Midnight Court. When an unfamiliar carriage delivers a girl to their doorstep, Lucas thinks he finally has a companion-but she is not what he had in mind, and a twist of fate leaves the children adrift on the streets. These 19th century orphans (Aikens' specialty rather plucky) one English, one French, must learn to survive on their own when their cruel guardian's mansion goes up in flames. No real loss since the house was grim and forbidding and falling apart to begin with.  How these two children overcome their unfair share of ugly adversity and survive several frightening near-death experiences - one in the factory itself - is a hair-raising, well-told tale by an author who is an old experienced hand at spinning complicated webs full of heartbreak- though never without a glimmer of sly humour. Very much like a Dickens novel. Ages 11-15   The Other Way Round by Judith Kerr pb ec $5…   Two Great Novels for Mothers! Battles at Thrush Green & Return to Thrush Green by Miss Read pb ec $6…   Dragon’s Gate by Laurence Yep hb wdj ec $6…. Dragon’s Gate is a wonderful historical fiction book that engages the reader at the start. Laurence Yep created exceptional characters that are well-rounded and intriguing, but what will stay with you is the surprising twists in the plot line. The story line is tightly plotted with each event leading to the next. Yep uses foreshadowing to suggest what will happen in the story. In addition, Yep builds tension throughout the story as Otter witnesses and is part of numerous moments of cruel treatment of the Chinese workers. From the moment that the main character, Otter, arrives in America the conflict arises with the treatment of the Chinese by the European supervisors. Dragon's Gate is a great historical fiction work. Great Read Aloud or Ages 10++   REDUCED TITLES   Global Art Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Jean Potter pb gc $10…An ideal way to start children on an exciting, creative adventure towards global understanding! The fun, easy-to-do art activities in Global Art use collage, painting, drawing, printing, construction and sculpture to help children appreciate people and cultures from all over the world. Each activity is explained in step-by-step detail an accompanied by geographic and cultural background to help you make the most of the teaching possibilities. MaryAnn Kohl's fantastic open-ended approach, while teaching about global art and cultures at the same time allows children to learn multiple art techniques for other subjects! Ages 9-12   Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech hb wdj ec $3….Ruby Holler is a Carnegie Medal-winning novel, and with its quirky protagonists and exciting journey, captures the imaginations of readers of all ages.   Brother and sister Dallas and Florida are the “trouble twins.” In their short thirteen years, they’ve passed through countless foster homes, only to return to their dreary orphanage, Boxton Creek Home. Run by the Trepids, a greedy and strict couple, Boxton Creek seems impossible to escape. When Mr. Trepid informs the twins that they’ll be helping old Tiller and Sairy Morey go on separate adventures, Dallas and Florida are suspicious. As the twins adjust to the natural beauty of the outdoors, help the Tillers prepare for their adventures, and foil a robbery, their ultimate search for freedom leads them home to Ruby Holler. This poignant story evokes a feeling as welcoming as fresh-baked bread. The slow change of the siblings—who are no angels—parallels the gradual building of mutual trust for the Moreys. The novel celebrates the healing effects of love and compassion. Although conflicts emerge, readers will have little doubt that all will end well for the children and the ‘grandparently’ Moreys. Great Read Aloud or Ages 8-12.    Holiday at Magpie Cottage by E. C. Matthews hb wdj $2…. Three Schoolgirls lend a cottage in the Yorkshire Dales for their holidays. Magpie Cottage lies in Yorkshire dale. The three girls run the holiday entirely on their own, under the kindly eye of the farmer’s wife, their near neighbour. On their journey there they meet Hugh and Sybil Thornton in unusual circumstances, and Clem, the eldest of the girls, believes that there is some mystery connected with the brother and sister. In the end her suspicions are justified, but she is amazed to learn that they have been the means by which Hugh and Sybil have been able to accomplish the secret purpose which brought them into the dale. Great read aloud or Ages 12-15   The Henchmans at Home by Hester Burton hb wdj *as new* $2……The adventures of three children growing up in a Victorian household in England. This an old-fashioned family history in six self-contained episodes, the continuity supplied by the characterisation of the three growing Henchmans and the certainties of their comfortable Victorian existence. From Rob's running away from home on his seventh birthday to Ellen's falling in love with the new doctor at a glittering ball, the story follows the conventionally high-spirited Henchmans for eleven years. With William, a university freshman, torn between the beckoning world and his father's medical practice, is more in the spirit of the whole. Others turn out to be just as interesting or more so….. one humorously when the star of the missionary benefit, Miss Veena Basu from India, is unmasked as Ron ill-advisedly attempting to aid his Aunt's favourite cause -- one with momentary suspense when a cast skating party is interrupted by a bank explosion that Rob is suspected of setting. Old fashioned, fun, drama and life. Great read aloud or  Ages 12-15   The Miraculous Medal Stories, Prayers, and Devotions by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle pb *as new* (would make a great gift) $5….Over twenty years ago, Mother Teresa gave Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle a blessed Miraculous Medal, and she has never taken it off. To date, Donna-Marie has given away thousands of Miraculous Medals. But what is the Miraculous Medal-- The author has collected many contemporary stories of the Miraculous Medal's attraction and impact. Also provided is a section of prayers and devotions, including the perpetual novena prayer, spiritual benefits, and more. This is an informative, fascinating, and inspiring book, designed to stir the hearts of those who aren't familiar with the Miraculous Medal's miraculous powers through the Blessed Mother's intercession, as well as those who areIn addition to the story about St. Catherine's life and experiences with blessed Mary, the book includes a discussion of modern day miracles and Graces as a result of wearing the Medal, and devotional prayers helpful to the reader. If you are a Christian and are interested in the saints, I know you will enjoy this book as mush as I did. Donna-Marie does and excellent job with this story.    Beatrix Potter’s Letters A Selection by Judy Taylor hb wdj $25…
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