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    • tembelle
      FS:ABeka Readers, Novels, Biographies
      Abeka: Excellent graded Readers with comprehension questions for each reading. Most Readers are in excellent condition, as new. (LEM sells these for between $22 to $30 ) . Postage is extra. Payment by Direct Deposit thank you for looking, Ruth   Gr 1 - Down by the Sea....$10           Strong and True ( VGC .....sell for $8) Gr 2 - Story Tree...$10           Treasure Chest...$10           No Longer a Nobody...$10          Paths of Gold...$10         Sunshine Meadows...$10         Open Skies...$10         All Kinds of Animals...$10  Gr 3 - Pilgrim Boy...$10            Doors to Discovery...$10 Gr 5 - Windows to the World  ( bought this with slight spine damage at top......sell for $8)   NOVELS: All in VGC Patricia St John  - The Victor,  Tanglewood's Secret,  Where the River Begins,  Three go Searching........$2 each O.F Walton -  Saved at Sea, Christie's Old Organ......$3 ea Jean Craighead George - My Side of the Mountain....$7 - brand new Beverley Cleary - Ralph S Mouse, The Mouse and the Motorcycle.....$3 ea Thornton W Burgess - Big Book of Animal Stories....$5 Robert Lawson -  Mr Revere and I, Ben and Me .....$3 ea George Selden -  Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride...$3 Ruth Stiles Gannett -  My Father's Dragon...$3 Marguerite de Angeli - The Door in the Wall....$3   Bethlehem Books - Downright Dencey,  The Beckoning Road,  Becky Landers: Frontier Warrior.......$4 each BJUPress Readers - Tommy's Race,  Tommy's Rocket,  Tommy's Clubhouse......$4 ea   BIOGRAPHIES Jeanne Bendick - Along Came Gallileo.....$6 Jean Fritz - Where do you think you're going, Christopher Columbus?......$5 Childhood of Famous Americans -  Dr Seuss,  Sacagawea,  Martha Washington....$3 ea    
    • Alexis
      FS: Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra 2.0
      Hi Katie. I have text you re teaching textbooks   Alexis 
    • AnnetteB
      FS:A Reason for Handwriting.
      Yep. Will message you now😃
    • tembelle
      FS: High School Resources
      Thanks Anna and Mands.... I have sent PM to you both.
    • morialta4me
      FS: Reduced List Re: Variety of Books
      Hi All, I have been asked to reduce the listing I posted for a friend. Thank you for looking All prices do not include postage. God Bless Samuel Heirlooms from Loving Hands : Making Memories to Cherish Forever by Sandy Lynam Clough hb ec $5… The Surprise of Cremona by Edith Templeton hb wdj ec $3… Edith Templeton—bohemian aristocrat, accomplished novelist, and widow of the physician to the King of Nepal—wrote this highly individual account of her visit to six northern Italian towns in the early 50s. Enchantingly evocative of the time and places, her vintage narrative is a gem of travel literature. In her new introduction, Anita Brookner offers an insightful, gracefully written analysis of the astringent wit and classic poise of Templeton’s writing. This is a brilliantly bonkers travel book, her insights and knowledge are often, spot on. A great travelling companion! Delightful! Great for mother culture or teens! Hannah Hurnard : The Authorized Biography by John Wood : The Story behind the Spiritual Classic Hind’s Feet in High Places pb ec $3…  Hannah Hurnard was an unhappy child, haunted by terror, afflicted with a dreadful stammer and a fear of crowds. School was a torment. Despite a luxurious and aristocratic upbringing, Hannah lived in a "cold, dark winter land of fear". The experiences of those years are reflected in "Hinds' Feet on High Places”. The transformation came in July 1924, when Hannah, aged 19, attended the Keswick Convention. The experience led to Bible college, service as a missionary in Israel and success as an author. Mother Culture or teens. Butler’s Lives of the Saints (Concise Edition) edited by Michael Walsh Foreword  by Cardinal Basil Hume, O.S.B. hb wdj $12… For more than two centuries, Butler's Lives of the Saints has been hailed as the authority on the Christian patron saints. Now, in this new edition of the original classic. Echoing the charm and style of the eighteenth-century edition, Walsh's volume has been edited to make the fascinating and inspiring lives of the saints easily accessible to readers today. This edition features saints from many nations and backgrounds and includes new articles on recently canonized saints. The index offers the list of saints from the complete edition, and includes all new canonizations and new dates, making it eh most up-to-date (1991) listing of saints available. Butler’s Lives of the Saints remains a remarkable reference source and, through its comprehensive biographies, a valuable aid to devotion and a rich source of historical information. Fr. Alban Butler is considered one of the greatest English Catholic writers. His Lives of the Saints has become the most important work after the Bible and the Imitation of Christ.  This compendium is a wonderful resource and a browser's delight. Highly recommended it very highly to anyone with a serious interest on the subject. The Little Writing Book by Mark Tredinnick pb ec $6…PENDING Book on technique, style, craft and manners for everyone who writes and wants to do it better. It is a manual of good diction, composition, sentence craft, paragraph design, structure and planning. Enriched by examples of fine prose from great writers including Tim Winton; flush with exercises informed by the author’s expertise in both creative writing and functional prose; and written with flair, The Little Red Writing Book is a lively and readable guide to lively and readable writing. You will find it a really useful companion for all of your writing.  It is easy to read and the prompts to "Try This" provide a very good way to consolidate the material discussed in each chapter. 
      If you are a writing novice or want to improve your writing this is a good place to start. Great for Teens to adult. The Unhurried Homeschooler: A simple,mercifully short book on homeschooling by Durenda Wilson pb *as new* $8 …. Homeschooling is a wonderful, worthwhile pursuit, but many homeschool parents struggle with feelings of burnout and frustration. If you have ever felt this way, you’re not alone! Most of us need to be reminded of the “why” of homeschooling from time to time—but "The Unhurried Homeschooler" takes parents a step further and lifts the unnecessary burdens that many parents place on themselves. Drawing on twenty years of homeschooling her eight children, Durenda Wilson gently reminds parents about the things that really matter, as she offers a clear portrait of what a life-giving home life can be during the homeschooling years. Reading "The Unhurried Homeschooler" is like having coffee with a trusted friend. You’ll be encouraged as you learn to do what God has put before you.   Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Mums by Mary Jo Tate pb *as new* $15… Exhausted? Overloaded? Teetering on the brink of burnout? As a homeschooling mum, it’s easy to find yourself paralysed by an overwhelming to-do list, and false guilt only adds to the burden. If you’ve just been getting by, it’s time to start flourishing! Learn how to: 
      • Stop the juggling act and find a balance you can live with 
      • Minimize interruptions while being sensitive to real needs 
      • Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family 
      • Value and protect your time to do what matters most 
      • Establish a pace you can maintain for the marathon of life 
      Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Mums includes customizable planning forms and special chapters for single mums and families who have a home business. Find peace in the space between the ideal and reality so that you and your family can enjoy the homeschooling journey! Great book. Lots of practical ideas for goal setting, managing tasks and starting a home based business. Love the quote weaved through the book "find peace between and the ideal and realistic" Blessed And Beautiful: Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood by Pat Gohn pb *as new* $12… Reflecting on the Bible, Church teachings and the writings of the Popes and Saints, Gohn expounds on the God-given dignity, beauty and goodness of women. You will love her personal story of befriending Mary and the guidance she has received from our Blessed Mother through parenting, marriage and many challenges she faced in her life. Through her example, you too, as Catholic women, can call Mary your Spiritual Mother and ask for her assistance both in your daily lives and in your spiritual journey. She wants to bring you to her son, Jesus! Pat Gohn's gift of motherly encouragement is embodied in this book that celebrates women's unique gifts. A lovely quotes comes from near the end of her book… "Each woman's life, well lived, might be the best gospel anyone will ever read. “This book is truly like a box of fine chocolates, meant to be savoured and then shared with friends.  The Language of Love : How To Quickly Communicate Your Feelings and Needs by Gary Smalley & John Trent, Ph.D. (Focus on the Family) pb * as new* $10… Words have incredible meaning, especially when they say what you mean. But often tongues get tied, and thoughts and ideas are expressed in ways that are easily misunderstood. Make the most of your messages by learning "The Language of Love." Written by best-selling authors Gary Smalley and John Trent, it shows how “emotional word pictures” can infuse understanding and intimacy into all of your relationships. In this gem, Gary Smalley offers a powerful communication tool for speaking with your loved ones as well as wider audiences. His memorable stories make his points stick long after you've forgotten the words on the page. Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott hb *as new* $12… This is the story of two runaways -- Ben Brown and his dog, Sancho -- who have escaped from a hard life in the circus to search for Ben's lost father. Tired and hungry, the pair are taken in by young Bab and Betty Moss and their mother, as well as by the Mosses' neighbours, Miss Celia and her brother, Thorny. Thanks to their kindness, Ben soon has a job, a family, and a chance to go to school. But can life with Miss Celia and his other new friends ever compare to the excitement of the circus? And will Ben stay out of mischief long enough to find out? Under the lilacs harks back to a simple time where virtue and honestly are the by words of life. A homeless runaway finds charity in a small town. His feet are set on the path of life while benevolent friends surround and support him. This book by Louisa May Alcott will delight readers young and old and remind them that kindness wins the day. 10+ An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott  pb *as new* $12… Do you ever feel like you are tied up in our times? Worrying too much about cell phones, fashions, and the latest whatever’s? This book can set you straight. It gives you a peace of mind and fills you with simple pleasures. 
      The stories main character, Polly, we meet at the age of 14. She has come to stay with rich friends for a while. They do everything so differently from her. The family has two daughters. One that is two years older than Polly called Fan, who cares for fashion, balls, and beaus. The other daughter is six and she is fixed on having her own way about everything. The young man in the family Tom is a trouble maker, who no matter how hard he tries can't seem to stay out of trouble very long. 
      Polly is a gentle, kind, loving, caring, selfless, practical, and a sensible girl. She becomes a great service to this family, touching each of them in a special way. She moves into the same town six years later and gives piano lessons. The family needs her more than ever and she helps them all in the end. This book has heart, romance, and an authentic feel  to it that we can all relate to, rich or poor, young or old. It will make you feel warm within!!!  12+ A Garland for Girls by Louisa May Alcott hb ec (2nd edition 1908 RARE title by this author) $16… A little gem of a book. A collection of various stories each titled with the name of a flower or flowers. They are obviously instructional stories aimed at teaching morals and good graces to young girls. You will admire the way they teach the virtues of patience, hard work, and basically spending your time and energy doing worthwhile things. For example: In "Mayflowers" a group of girls who gather each week to sew and read decide to do something helpful while they spend the winter in town. Each chooses a project to be carried out in secret to report on before separating for the summer. Each pursues her project fit to her personality and they all succeed in learning a thing or two along away. Great Book to remind us what the true values in life are. 12+ Girls! Caravan Island by E.H. Young hb wdj ec $10… The author of William and Miss Mole tells the story of an assorted group of youngsters, ranging from about nine to sixteen who are taken by a youngish aunt, summer holidaying on an island off the coast of Scotland. They live in a trailer (caravan -- in England) and each one has certain responsibilities. Temperamentally, they are pretty much at odds, and the story revolves around their adventures and the  gradual process of "getting on with themselves” great as a family read aloud for all ages or for 10+ “here is a photo of this book: Simon by Rosemary Sutcliff hb ec $5… It had never seemed of much importance during their boyhood that Simon Carey was for Parliament and his friend Amias Hannaford a Royalist. But when the (English)  Civil War between the two parties broke out, and two years later they were old enough to take part in it, they found themselves fighting for different sides.
      This story tells of the last stages of the Civil War waged in the West Country; and the account of the part played by Simon in the fighting makes exciting reading. Several times in the course of it he encounters Amias ; and these meetings leave him torn by conflicting loyalties. Finally the day comes when he is forced to put the strength of the friendship to the test, weighing it against his loyalty to the Parliamentarian cause.
      Rosemary Sutcliffe has written a compelling and unbiased story of the troubled times of the civil war, describing vividly and accurately the final campaign in the west and sharing the life and thoughts and feelings of some of the people who became involved in it.
      "Here is an author who writes with great distinction...Simon is a book that I recommend with all my heart" - Noel Streatfield…. Rosemary Sutcliff had a brilliant knack of writing adventure stories set in historical periods and making them come alive. Beautifully written, and heart-breakingly poignant. 10+ or great read aloud Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney pb gc $3… "The Five Little Peppers" are Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie, and Phronsie. Their father died when Phronsie was a baby and Mrs Pepper struggles to earn enough money to support the family. Despite their poverty, they are a loving family, full of spirit and adventure. Ben and Polly do what they can to support the family, but a bout with measles threatens the wellbeing of the entire Pepper clan, especially Joel and Polly. The family has other adventures and befriend Jasper King during one of them. This friendship will enrich their lives in ways they never thought would be possible. Five Little Peppers and How They Grew is a simple children's story which encourages hard work, kindness, and generosity among even the littlest of children. These characteristics are rewarded in an almost rags to riches fashion. Margaret Sidney was a talented author, who could make even inanimate objects, such as the stove, seem alive. 10+ great read aloud for the whole family Bearing The Saint by Donna Farley pb *as New* $14… Edmund is just an ordinary fisherman's son from the island of Lindisfarne, whose one great talent and joy is running as a messenger for his bishop. But when Viking invaders threaten the holy island and its great treasure, the relics of St. Cuthbert, Edmund's life changes forever. Along with his whole village, he must accompany their beloved saint on a perilous pilgrimage that will carry him across England, through adventure, heartbreak, miraculous deliverance, and budding love, all the way to manhood. Bearing the Saint brings to life the late ninth century in Northumbria, a turbulent period of invasion and conquest that concluded with an uneasy peace between Saxon and Dane. This gripping story, infused with the holy breath of St. Cuthbert, will hold readers of all ages spellbound. 10+ or great read aloud Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder : The Woman Behind The Legend by John E. Miller pb *as new* $18…PENDING Although generations of readers of the Little House books are familiar with Laura Ingalls Wilder’s early life up through her first years of marriage to Almanzo Wilder, few know about her adult years. Going beyond previous studies, Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder focuses upon Wilder’s years in Missouri from 1894 to 1957. Utilizing her unpublished autobiography, letters, newspaper stories, and other documentary evidence, John E. Miller fills the gaps in Wilder’s autobiographical novels and describes her sixty-three years of living in Mansfield, Missouri. As a result, the process of personal development that culminated in Wilder’s writing of the novels that secured her reputation as one of America’s most popular children’s authors becomes evident. Unlike the other "Laura" biographies, this one has the most insightful historical contexts. The historical context spans all of Laura's life from her earliest days in Pepin Wisconsin, to her life in Kansas, Walnut Grove, Burr Oak, De Smet, Missouri and everywhere in between. The book tells of the people and events surrounding Laura particularly within the location she was at the time, and in turn gives insight into how this shaped Laura's life experiences. There are also many relevant facts in this book such as: the fact that Laura was a loan officer for a Missouri bank, she once ran for political office, she died the year that a satellite first went into space, etc. I would not pass over this Laura Ingalls book as the narrative is fine throughout and detailed. It feels like a captivating history book. 12+ Benjamin Franklin : Young Printer by Augusta Stevenson pb *as new* $8…PENDING… One of the most popular series ever published for young American's, these classics have been praised alike by parents, teachers, and librarians. With these lively, inspiring, fictionalized biographies - easily read by children of eight and up - today's youngster is swept into history. This story helps us to understand Benjamin Franklin's hunger for knowledge. He wanted to know how and why things happen. He wanted to be proficient in as many lines of work as he could and did not want to be tied down to one occupation. As an apprentice printer, he found that he could help others learn through his writing. He used his experiences of his youth to become an author, scientist, inventor, statesman, and patriot. Nini by Nance Donkin pb gc $3… "Nance Donkin is best known as a writer of historical fiction for children. Her earliest story to be published appeared in a weekly newspaper when she was eight years old. At sixteen she was employed as a social reporter on the Maitland Daily Mercury and later became social editor and film reviewer for the Newcastle Morning Herald. Donkin was President of the Victorian Branch of the Children's Book Council of Australia from 1968 to 1976." Other themes to emerge in Donkin’s writing were the experiences of Greek migrants and the destruction of the environment. Donkin published several books in the 1970s and 1980s focusing on the lives
      of Greek children, both as migrants in Australia and as returned emigrants in Greece. Nini is a portrayal of Greek children establishing themselves within their community! Great children’s book. 8+ Timothy Tatters by J.M. Callwell hb ec (c.1909) $7… A delightful Irish Victorian children's book. Mainly for girls but if read aloud the whole family will enjoy it’s wholesome adventure! 8+ Tico the Shark Hunter by G.Everets Brown hb wdj ec (first edtion 1956 Rare)  $5… The story of a boy's struggle to win the right to sail with his father on a shark hunt. Set off Costa Rica. Excellent for boys. The excitement in this book could serve both a geography book, and an adventure story. Without being preachy the book also displays the road to obedience, temperance and respect. 10+ or read aloud to the family The Transall Saga by Gary Paulsen (author of Hatchet) hb wdj ec $5… he Transall Saga by Gary Paulson is a great book that anyone should read. This book is full of thrilling adventure and mind compeling events. This book is about a "city boy" named Mark that convinces his parents to let him go camping by himself in the desert. While camping he discovers a strange blue light. He fell through it and found himself in a strange world with many alterations. There are different animals and plants. Colors of things are different too. some how he has to survive in this world, as he is learning he is also growing in many ways. Read this book to find out how he survives in this wilderness. Just like all of Gary Paulsen’s books this is a great story and you will be engaged and unable to put it down from beginning to end. 12+ Call Me Francis Tucket by Gary Paulsen hb wdj ec $5… Alone. Francis Tucket now feels more confident that he can handle almost anything. A year ago, on the wagon train, he was kidnapped from his family by a Pawnee hunting party. Then he escaped with the help of the mountain man, Mr. Grimes. Now that he and Mr. Grimes have parted ways, Francis is heading west on his Indian pony, crossing the endless prairie, trying to find his family.
      After a year with Mr. Grimes, Francis has learned to live by the harsh code of the wilderness. He can cause a stampede, survive his own mistakes, and face up to desperadoes. But when he rescues a little girl and her younger brother, Francis takes on more than he bargained for.  This is an excellent book if you like the Oregon Trail or the frontier, or if you like Gary Paulsen books. 10+ The Story of Britain by R.J. Unstead hb wdj ec $10… This is an excellent  read like a storybook and explains what happened when and why in good detail. You may  use it for early secondary age, eg. 11+ .  It has pen illustrations throughout, which makes it excellent for notebook work. Brilliant first history book. A wonderful book for those who think their knowledge of history may be lacking. The author does a marvellous job in making our history an interesting and enjoyable read. Looking at Ancient History by R.J.Unstead pb gc (some pencil markings) $3… This book tells in words and pictures the story of the ancient world: Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome. It tells how the people of these countries lived and worked, how they dressed, built their homes, travelled, played and fought. Since it is mainly a social history it deals only briefly with political events, but great rulers and men outstanding in their time are introduced and a special chapter is devoted to Alexander the Great and his conquests.
      There are over 200 illustrations in black and white as well as black and white photos. Great for history studies and again great pictures for notebooks! Looking At History :Tudors & Stuarts by R.J. Unstead hb wdj ec $5… This book shows who are the Tudor Kings and Queens. What the Sailors and Ships were in Tudor times. How the people lived. Homes and Travels in the Tudor times.  First chapter is entitled 'the Tudor kings and queens'; last chapter is entitled 'people in Stuart times'. Illustrated throughout - including photos and 4 colour plates.  Many line drawings depicting home life, dress, houses & furniture, etc. 100 pages. Escellent resource for history. 10+ Stranger in the Hills by Madeleine Polland hb wdj  ec.( RARE) $8.. Four children discover a strange man wandering the hills above their Scottish home and, mistaking him for a fugitive Russian sailor, decide to help him evade his pursuers. This adventure story with all the excitement and interest that have made Madeleine Polland’s historical novels so popular. This title has been attractively illustrated by Victor Ambrus. Spotlights : The Ancient Greeks (Investigate and Understand Ancient Greece) by Charles Freeman hb ec $3… written especially for ages 8 to 10 by an expert author. The text is concise yet packed with information to pique a child's curiosity and keep the pages turning. The full-colour illustrations of people and activities, cutaways and floor plans are fun to look at and make the basic ideas in the text crystal clear. Each page also features a series of captioned artefacts relevant to the subject. For instance, a chapter called "Family Life" in The Romans shows a small stone carving of a baby, a school-child's tablet and stylus, toys, a slave's collar, and a pair of engagement rings--all articles or objects that are fascinating to children. And the expert captioning helps make learning about early civilizations interesting and fun. Spotlights on ancient civilizations are the perfect introductions to the fascinating world of history.From Homer's Iliad to a farmer's hard life in the hilly farmlands near Athens, here's an introduction to daily life in Greece 2,500 years ago. Young readers will learn about early democracy, city states, warfare, religion, and the history of the region. But they will also read about a chariot race, see a cutaway of a typical home, join the bride and groom at a wedding feast, and attend a play at a theatre built into a hillside. With full-colour illustrations on every page, this concise and fact-filled introduction to ancient Greece will please even the most reluctant of readers…. here is unit study using this book: Material World : A Global Family Portrait by Peter Menzel pb ec $25… This book is used with Simply Charlotte Mason Visits to …..Geography Notebooks.. . (Explore each region of the world through captivating photography, a traveller’s firsthand accounts, and step-by-step work with maps, plus lots of ideas for additional living books and activities. You are sure to enjoy these visits to each part of your world! (Grades 1–12) Hungry Planet: What The World Eats by Peter Menzel & Faith D’Aluisio pb ec $25… Also used with SCM’s Visits To….Geography Notebooks. (Explore each region of the world through captivating photography, a traveller’s firsthand accounts, and step-by-step work with maps, plus lots of ideas for additional living books and activities. You are sure to enjoy these visits to each part of your world! (Grades 1–12) Know About the Crusades by Henry Treece hb gc $5…  A good  coverage of the crusades. Covers each crusades as well as a section regarding the effects of the crusades on Europe. This book would be great for anyone doing research on the Crusades. Museum A B C : The Metropolitan Museum of Art hb wdj *NEW* $16… Museum ABC is a unique and colourful picture book that introduces children to more than a hundred works of art, using the alphabet. Adults and children alike will love the visual and cultural richness of this alphabetical tour through the Metropolitan Museum's collection. You will love this book. You will be overjoyed to have found a book that exposes young children to pieces of artwork. Each page in this book showcases one letter and four pieces of artwork (all very different) that focus on the same subject, i.e. apples. The back of the book has information about each piece of artwork which is just brilliant. A lovely introduction not only to the alphabet but also to some fantastic artwork.  First Timeline (First History –First Geography- Catholic)  by Mary Daly : Artwork by Ana Braga-Henebry *as new* includes book of stories for each history era ; timeline colour (all not marked) in figures; and guide with picture book and fiction suggestions. Ec $25… First timeline is designed to introduce your first grader -- and anyone else -- to the history and geography of the world in terms of 36 biographies (or so). It consists of a mural 4.5" by 81" to be coloured and either fan folded as a booklet or displayed as a mural, accompanied by a booklet describing the lives of the chosen characters within a single narrative of human history. Large-format cards are also available. World history goes from Adam and Eve to you. World geography is also introduced in that characters are chosen from Europe, China, India, and Japan as well as America. The background figures of major American holidays are introduced, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and others. Several characters are chosen for their contributions to literacy, a fundamental interest for those learning to read; Pangur Ban the cat has his place among those.  It is not intended that the text stand alone for a year's curriculum, but it provide a simple and continuous narrative for elementary world history. Then you may use it to suggest topics for your weekly visit to the library. Grades 1-3 Where The Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker pb *as new* $6… Millicent by Jeannie Baker hb wdj gc $6…
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      AussieHomeschool Suppliers List in alphabetical order… ADNIL PRESS – We are distributors for The Institute for Excellence in Writing, All About Spelling, Teaching the Classics, Logos School,Life of Fred Maths,Times Tales, Motherboard Books, Adkins Productions, Janette’s Australian History Pictures, Graham Braddock Art, Nineveh’s Crossing. And of course, our own resources, including Voyages in Phonics,Voyages in Language and Literature, and ‘Australia, the Wide Brown Land for Me!’ ALWAYS LEARNING BOOKS – Beverley Paine – Writer and publisher of home education books, unschooling and natural learning books. Now stocking books by John Holt, John Peacock, Grace Llewellyn, Linda Dobson, Mary Griffith, Ann Lahrson-Fisher, and others. Publishing Homeschool Australia e-newsletter and Unschool~Kidz! e-zine. AUSSIEHOMESCHOOL CLASSIFIEDS where members can buy and sell their resources for free! You are bound to grab a bargain. AHS Digital Store E-books and links to quality resources. Using the digital store supports AussieHomeschool. AUSTRALIAN HISTORY PICTURES– Janette’s Pictures Of Australian History and timeline figures; are intended to be used, to teach Australian history. They are a series of pictures or scenes with accompanying notes and rhyme on Australia’s first 100 years of history. They are designed to create windows and hooks; windows that give you a picture of what was going on at a given time and hooks that inform and encourage children (and adults) to investigate further. CHARIOT PRESS: Suppliers of Learning Language Arts Through Literature, The Learnables, Singapore Mathematics, Doorposts, and more. Chariot Press will be closing down (see notice here) and resources will be available through Education Reformation. CORRESPONDENCE PIANO LESSONS: This successful method uses a set of video tapes for demonstration of piano technique and normal phone calls for weekly, individual tuition with music tutor, Ruth Drew ATCL from south-east Queensland. EDUCATIONAL FAMILY BOARD GAMES – Traditional Kids maths games and puzzles, geography. Brainbox, Akumulate, Mancala, Oware, Congklak & Chess Sets and Chess tutors. Free shipping in Australia. EDUCATION REFORMATION aims to provide Australian home educators with original Australian homeschooling curricula. Creator of Language Lessons from Australian History (supporting Janette Ingham’s Our Australian Story), Phontastic Spelling Tactics, Education Reformation Copywork Series and suppliers of carefully selected living books to enhance your family’s homeschool experience. FREE POSTAGE Worldwide. Author Joelle Grubb is a long-time Christian homeschooling mum of five children. Free postage within Australia! GOLDEN BEETLE BOOKS – Rudolf Steiner Education and homeschooling teaching manuals. HEART AND HOME – Family Resources for Building Healthy Hearts and Happy Homes. Stockists of quality reading and listening materials for young Christians, including the Miller Family Books, the Moody Family Series, and various character building and training books. Parenting and homeschooling products by the Maxwell Family, Jeff and Marge Bath and Dr S.M. Davis, and health resources such as Grain Master Whisper Mill and Easiyo Products also available at very reasonable prices. HOMESCHOOL AUSTRALIA – Beverley Paine is an Australian author, home educational consultant, and publisher of homeschooling books. She has a special interest in unschooling and natural learning, though her site includes material of interest to all Australian home educators, with information, articles, links to newsletters, and more. HOMESCHOOLING DOWNUNDER is run by Michelle Morrow, a homeschooling mother of four children. This publishing business provides quality science, English and history homeschooling resources written with the Australian homeschooler in mind. We have developed a few Downunder products for sale but we want to be more than that. We want to serve homeschoolers by giving access (for free when possible) to distinctly Australian and New Zealand books and resource materials.On this site you will find original products for sale and free educational resources. All our products can be found on our product list and resource index. KAREN’S AUSTRALIAN USED HOMESCHOOL BOOKS Lots of hard-to-find titles! KINGSLEY EDUCATIONAL (KEPL) – Australian company – sells Christian text-books & other materials, provides assistance with home education. No longer importing resources from overseas. LEATHERWOOD BOOKS – Australian family-owned business. Catalogue includes a wonderful selection of living books. LIGHT EDUCATIONAL MINISTRIES (LEM) Sells Christian text-books (A Beka, Bob Jones University Press, Christian Liberty Press, etc.) Provides assistance with home education. MATHS AUSTRALIA Maths Australia is the sole distributor of the Math-U-See® program in Australia. Math-U-See® is a favourite amongst many AussieHomeschoolers. POSITIVE ACTION for CHRIST Bible Curriculum specialising in curriculum for elementary, middle and high school ages. STEINER EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS and books. VERNA HEIGHT EDUCATIONAL produces Educational Resources For Schools, Homeschoolers And Independent Learners. Supplying Grammar On One Hand: A Tool Kit For Writers, Enjoy Essay Writing, and Learning To Read And Write With The Bible.  
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