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    • JeanM
      All the material mentionned below is just the cost of postage, which would be $14 postage Australia wide. It could be less, if you live in Queensland. FAQs : About C.M, her method and what it is not.             Cost of the A.O. curriculum            Choosing a Year for your child; Booklist;Keeping School Records.            How do I do this with more than one child? A.O. Year 1 and 2  Booklist and Additional Instruction ( each separately. 6 pages and 4 pages respectively.)          Year 1 and 2 36 week Schedules (each 10 pages.) Scriptures in a Child's Heart by Penny Gardner. As well as Highlights from the O.T. and N.T. ( 2 pages for each) the highlights give a list of every suitable passage that can be read as a story. How did C.M. teach Music? and recommended websites to find music. (2 p.) List of hymns for 12 months. Some Traditional and Folk Songs (words and music )  Hymns  (music and words) BURT's  Word Reading Test to determine Reading Age Poetry: Walter de la Mare and others, for years 1 and 2. C.M.'s 20 Principles (9 pp.) Developing an Educational Philosophy (3 pp) and Choosing Teaching Materials (6 pp) A.O. Parent Review. : "The Book of Centuries" (5 pp) Ideas for maps of the world/timelines/note-booking. Art and Literature. (8 pp) Living Books (3 pp) There is more, on phonics, dolch list, good maps to photocopy, clock images, and articles on socialization, reasons and truths for homeschooling.Authors being Terry O'Hare, H. Bluedorn, and Lisa russell.  thank you for looking. JeanM.
    • Lisa Szust
      Hi, how much would delivery cost to 3021 for the following? many thanks lisa szust   Dolphin Boy - Margaret Mackay (Hawaii) $2
      The Dolphins of Laurentum - Caroline Lawrence - Roman Mysteries (Ancient Rome) $3
      The Railway Children - E. Nesbitt $3
      The World at Her Fingertips - Helen Keller - Joan Dash $3
      The House on the Volcano - Virginia Nielsen (Hawaii) $1 Black Beauty - Anna Sewell $2 Scholastic Junior Classics - adapted classics: $10
    • Alissa
      WTB Apologia Exploring Creation through Physics and Chemistry Love to buy second hand, otherwise, can anyone tell me where I can buy in Australia? Thanks
    • jd03617
      Hi Annie, Yes The Whole Hearted Child is still available.  It is the 1996 version which was printed in 2001. Postage to you would be $10.  Jen
    • vianney
      Hi,  Let me know if you'd like to see pictures or samples of anything and I can email them to you.  SONLIGHT Science 5 (F) -   $120 Set Includes:
      IG (pen marks and highlighting)
      Student Worksheets (1st 7 weeks used - are covered over or are in erasable pencil)
      The Usborne Internet-Linked Complete Book of the Human Body
      The Human Body Activity Book
      Blood and Guts
      Understanding Your Brain
      Food and Nutrition for every Kid
      The Usborne Internet-linked Introduction to Genes and DNA
      Almost 12
      Unlocking the Mysteries of Life DVD
      Exploring The History of Medicine
      Dry Bones and Fossils Improve Your Survival Skills (fc -free) Not Included:
      The Boys Body book/The Body Book for Girls   Sonlight Science C - Complete VGC $120 Set Includes: IG Student Worksheets (unused) The Usborne Book of knowledge Discover and Do 2 DVD The Usborne Book od Science Activities vol3 Planet Earth Weather The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System Marie Curie’s Search for Radium Dinosaurs Unleashed The Magic Schoolbus: Inside the earth   Sonlight Readers & History P4/5
      The Adventures of Milly Molly Mandy (Omnibus-4 books in 1)  $8 B: (1)
      Put Me In The Zoo $4
      One Fish Two Fish $4
      The Cat In The Hat $4
      Green Eggs and Ham $4
      A Big Ball of String $4
      The Bravest Dog Ever $3 C: (2)
      The Whipping Boy $3
      Mouse Tales $2 D (3):
      The Witch of Blackbird Pond $4
      Cheaper By The Dozen $8 E (4):
      Because of Winn Dixie $5
      Helen Keller $4
      Thimble summer $4
      Sing Down the Moon $2   H: (7)
      Abraham Lincoln’s World ec $20
      World/USA Markable Map - B&W - 33" by 24"- 2 sided vgc $12 Readers:
      The King’s Fifth hc $8
      The Iron Peacock $10
      Madeleine Takes Command $12
      The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn $6
      The Broken Blade $6
      Betsy and the Emperor $8
      Only The Names Remain $5
      Nory Ryan’s Song $6
      Anna and the King $6
      The Good Master $6
      Angel on the Square $8
      Year of Impossible Goodbyes $6
      Snow treasure $5
      Escape from Warsaw $5
      The Breadwinner $8 Read-alouds:
      A Murder for her Majesty $8
      The Dark Frigate $8
      Escape across the Wide Sea hc $12
      The Kidnapped Prince $6
      The Sherwood Ring $8
      A Heart Strangely Warmed $8
      The Best Christmas Pageant Ever $5
      Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster ec $12
      Mary Jones and her Bible $8
      Great Expectations $6
      Banner in the Sky $6
      The Singing Tree $6
      Number The Stars $8
      The Endless Steppe $6
      God’s Smuggler ec $12
      Painless Poetry ec $12 200:
      The Trumpeter of Krakow $6
      The Flames of Rome $10
      Robinson Crusoe $6
      Till We Have Faces $10
      Enchantress from the Stars $6
      Pride and Prejudice $3
      The Trumpeter of Krakow $6
      Treasure Island $4
      The Screwtape Letters $10
      What Hearts $6
      The Wise Woman and Other Stories ec $12
      A Parcel of Patterns $6
      Jane Eyre $4
      The Ramsay Scallop $6
      Pictures of Hollis Woods $6
      The Shining Company $8
      America’s Favourite Poems ec $15
      The Story of Christianity DK ec $20 300:
      Hope Was Here $5 630:
      Wuthering Heights $3   Science and Technology:
      * Australian Nature - School Project Kit from Maximedia unused $8
      * Science World 9 - Stannard EC $3
      * The New Way Things Work (Large book) - DK - David Macauley - VGC $10 ( from the TV show and cdrom)    HSIE:                                     
      * Galloping The Globe Set by by Loree Pettit - 3 Book Set $40
      - Galloping the Globe Unit Study (has some marks inside front cover) GC
      - Galloping The Globe Pre-Printed Lap Book (unused)
          -    Maps & Globes by Jack Knowlton vgc
      * Harm de Blij's ~ Geography Book: A Leading Geographer's Fresh Look at Our World $8 VGC
      * Dastardly and Muttley’s Trip around the world ec $2
      * Eastern Hemisphere World Explorer - Prentice Hall - yr 7-8 Geography, History, Culture $10    Australian History:
      * The Story Of Australia CD Roms 1 & 2 - Admark - (works on old Mac Classic or Windows 95 programs only) $10   Language Arts:
      * Communicate and Comprehend 4 - Pearson (Martin & Gunter) unused $8
      * Communicate and Comprehend 5 - Pearson (Martin & Gunter) unused $8
      * Catching On To Comprehension D - Pearson (Eve Recht) 13 pgs used but erased $5
      * Catching On To Comprehension E - Pearson (Eve Recht) unused $8
      * Word Up Grammar 6 - Pearson (Macintosh) unused $8
      * Kumon Writing - 6 unused $8
      * A Little Bit Of Everything- K-2 - Hawker Brownlow - Chapman/Karwowski - Reproducibles vgc $5
      * Alive and Kicking - Anthology 1 & 2 (2 books) - Jacaranda - Short themed stories for yrs 7 & 8 - GC - $6 for both
      * Mathtacular 2 and Mathtacular 3 (DVDs) - Unbelievable Understandable Math - EC - both for $30 * Teaching Textbooks 3 -  4 CDRoms VGC $50    Pdhpe:
      * Abeka A Healthier You 7 Student book $8

      * Good Apple Self Concept (great for SN) Activity 5 book set Ec $15
        - Loving yr 3-8
        - Choosing yr 3-8
        - Sharing yr 4-8
        - Feelings yr 4-8
        - Caring yr 4-8    Art:
      * Instant Art for Bible Worksheets -  reproducible - Book 1, book 2, book 3 - vgc all for $10  * Nature Crafts For Kids - Diehn $6   Reference:
      * DK Millennium Encyclopaedia - 5 Book set in slip case - beautiful set - great for primary EC $40
      * Children’s Atlas of the Universe - Readers Digest - hc ec - both for $15
      * DK - The Children’s illustrated Bible  vgc $10    Novels: Historical Fiction:
      The Horned Helmet - Geoffrey Trease (Vikings) $3
      Sun Horse, Moon Horse - Rosemary Sutcliffe (Iron Age) $3
      Roller Skates - Ruth Sawyer (1890’s NY)  $2
      Dolphin Boy - Margaret Mackay (Hawaii) $2
      The Dolphins of Laurentum - Caroline Lawrence - Roman Mysteries (Ancient Rome) $3
      The Odyssey - Homer (Ancient Greece) $5
      The Railway Children - E. Nesbitt $3
      Daddy Long Legs - Jean Webster $3
      Ride Of Courage - Deborah Felder (US War of Independence) $3
      The World at Her Fingertips - Helen Keller - Joan Dash $3
      Carrie’s War - Nina Bawden (WW2 London) $3
      Lily’s Crossing - Patricia Reilly Giff (WW2) $5
      The Slave dancer - Paula Fox (Slave Ships) $3
      The House on the Volcano - Virginia Nielsen (Hawaii) $1 Titanic - Eyewitness Readers Level 3 - Dubrowski $3    Animal Stories:
      The Blind Colt - Glen Rounds $2
      The Fledgeling - Lane Lambton $3
      Sounder - William Armstrong and Sounder - The Reading Guide to..Both for $6
      Shiloh - Phyllis Naylor  $3
      Shiloh Season - Phyllis Naylor $2
      Saving Shiloh - Phyllis Naylor $2
      Black Beauty - Anna Sewell $2
      Big Red - Jim Kjelgaard $6
      The Music of Dolphins - Karen Hesse $3
      Rabbit Hill - Robert Lawson $2
      Emma & I - Sheila Hocken (Biography) $3
      Emma’s Story - Sheila Hocken (Biography) $2
      Emma VIP - Sheila Hocken (Biography) $2
      Ring of Bright Water - Gavin Maxwell (Biography) $2
      Pinquo - Colin Thiele $2
      My Friend Flicka - Mary O’Hara $2
      The Phar Lap Story - Michael Wilkinson $3
      Thunderfoot - Deborah van der Beek $2
      The Man From Snowy River - Elyne Mitchell $2
      The Man from Snowy River II - Elyne Mitchell  $2    Fantasy:
      The Merry Adventures Of Robin Hood - Howard Pyle  $8
      The Princess and the Goblin - George MacDonald $2
      The White Stag - Kate Seedy $4
      Rowan of Rin - Emily Rodda $2
      The Bridge To Terabithia - Katherine Paterson $2
      The Phantom Tollbooth - Norton Juster $2
      The City Of Ember - Jeanne DuPrau $2
      The People of Sparks - sequel to The City Of Ember - Jeanne DuPrau $2
      Sinbad the Sailor and Other Tales - NJ Dawood $2
      Knee Knock Rise - Natalie Babbitt $2
      Shen of the Sea - Chinese stories for children - Arthur Chrisman $5
      The Low Tail Switch & Other West African Stories $2
      The Azu Dancer and other Stories - Japanese fables $3
      Tales of Greek Heroes - Roger Lancelyn Green $2
      The Borrowers - Mary Norton $2
      The Borrowers Aloft - Mary Norton $2
      The Borrowers Afield - Mary Norton $2
      The Borrowers Avenged - Mary Norton $2
      Mary Poppins/ ..Comes Back/ ..In Cherry Tree Lane - PL Travers (3 book omnibus) $6
      Mary Poppins In The Park - PL Travers $2
      Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane/ ...And the House Next Door - PL Travers (2 books in 1) $4
      Miss Hickory - Carolyn Sherwin Bailey (lovely HC) $4
      The Little White Horse - Elizabeth Goudge $2
      Other teenage reads:
      Summer of the Swans - Betsy Byers $3
      Philip Hall likes Me. I reckon, Maybe - Bette Greene $3
      True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle - Avi $4
      Boy and Going Solo - Roald Dahl $5    Scholastic Junior Classics - adapted classics: $10
      Doctor Dolittle
      Robinson Crusoe
      The Twelve Dancing Princesses
      King Arthur
      Alice in Wonderland
      Gulliver’s Stories
      The Little Mermaid & other stories
      Robin Hood
      The Pied Piper
      The Nutcracker
      -The lot 10 books for $10     Lily Series Books by Nancy Rue - 13 books
      Christian - suitable for girls 10-14 yrs. VGC #   The Body Book - It’s a God Thing
      #1  Here's Lily
      #2  Lily Robbins M.D.
      #3  Lily and the Creep
      #4  Lily's Ultimate Party
      #5  Ask Lily
      #6  Lily the Rebel
      #7  Lights, Action, Lily
      #8  Lily Rules
      #10 Lily Speaks
      #11 Horse Crazy Lily
      #12  Lily's Church Camp Adventure
      #14 Lily's Passport to Paris
      -The lot 13 books for $80    Horrible History Books Special:   $4
      France 3 Book Boxed Set:  $10
      Terrible Tudors
      Even More Terrible Tudors (Terrifying Tudors)
      Vile Victorians    
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    • HomeGrownKids
      Not on FB? We've got you covered.
    • HomeGrownKids
      AussieHomeschool Suppliers List

      EDITED TO ADD: This list is outdated and needs updating. FEB 2017 in alphabetical order… ADNIL PRESS – We are distributors for The Institute for Excellence in Writing, All About Spelling, Teaching the Classics, Logos School,Life of Fred Maths,Times Tales, Motherboard Books, Adkins Productions, Janette’s Australian History Pictures, Graham Braddock Art, Nineveh’s Crossing. And of course, our own resources, including Voyages in Phonics,Voyages in Language and Literature, and ‘Australia, the Wide Brown Land for Me!’ ALWAYS LEARNING BOOKS – Beverley Paine – Writer and publisher of home education books, unschooling and natural learning books. Now stocking books by John Holt, John Peacock, Grace Llewellyn, Linda Dobson, Mary Griffith, Ann Lahrson-Fisher, and others. Publishing Homeschool Australia e-newsletter and Unschool~Kidz! e-zine. AUSSIEHOMESCHOOL CLASSIFIEDS where members can buy and sell their resources for free! You are bound to grab a bargain. AHS Digital Store E-books and links to quality resources. Using the digital store supports AussieHomeschool. AUSTRALIAN HISTORY PICTURES– Janette’s Pictures Of Australian History and timeline figures; are intended to be used, to teach Australian history. They are a series of pictures or scenes with accompanying notes and rhyme on Australia’s first 100 years of history. They are designed to create windows and hooks; windows that give you a picture of what was going on at a given time and hooks that inform and encourage children (and adults) to investigate further. CHARIOT PRESS: Suppliers of Learning Language Arts Through Literature, The Learnables, Singapore Mathematics, Doorposts, and more. Chariot Press will be closing down (see notice here) and resources will be available through Education Reformation. CORRESPONDENCE PIANO LESSONS: This successful method uses a set of video tapes for demonstration of piano technique and normal phone calls for weekly, individual tuition with music tutor, Ruth Drew ATCL from south-east Queensland. EDUCATIONAL FAMILY BOARD GAMES – Traditional Kids maths games and puzzles, geography. Brainbox, Akumulate, Mancala, Oware, Congklak & Chess Sets and Chess tutors. Free shipping in Australia. EDUCATION REFORMATION aims to provide Australian home educators with original Australian homeschooling curricula. Creator of Language Lessons from Australian History (supporting Janette Ingham’s Our Australian Story), Phontastic Spelling Tactics, Education Reformation Copywork Series and suppliers of carefully selected living books to enhance your family’s homeschool experience. FREE POSTAGE Worldwide. Author Joelle Grubb is a long-time Christian homeschooling mum of five children. Free postage within Australia! GOLDEN BEETLE BOOKS – Rudolf Steiner Education and homeschooling teaching manuals. HEART AND HOME – Family Resources for Building Healthy Hearts and Happy Homes. Stockists of quality reading and listening materials for young Christians, including the Miller Family Books, the Moody Family Series, and various character building and training books. Parenting and homeschooling products by the Maxwell Family, Jeff and Marge Bath and Dr S.M. Davis, and health resources such as Grain Master Whisper Mill and Easiyo Products also available at very reasonable prices. HOMESCHOOL AUSTRALIA – Beverley Paine is an Australian author, home educational consultant, and publisher of homeschooling books. She has a special interest in unschooling and natural learning, though her site includes material of interest to all Australian home educators, with information, articles, links to newsletters, and more. HOMESCHOOLING DOWNUNDER is run by Michelle Morrow, a homeschooling mother of four children. This publishing business provides quality science, English and history homeschooling resources written with the Australian homeschooler in mind. We have developed a few Downunder products for sale but we want to be more than that. We want to serve homeschoolers by giving access (for free when possible) to distinctly Australian and New Zealand books and resource materials.On this site you will find original products for sale and free educational resources. All our products can be found on our product list and resource index. KAREN’S AUSTRALIAN USED HOMESCHOOL BOOKS Lots of hard-to-find titles! KINGSLEY EDUCATIONAL (KEPL) – Australian company – sells Christian text-books & other materials, provides assistance with home education. No longer importing resources from overseas. LEATHERWOOD BOOKS – Australian family-owned business. Catalogue includes a wonderful selection of living books. LIGHT EDUCATIONAL MINISTRIES (LEM) Sells Christian text-books (A Beka, Bob Jones University Press, Christian Liberty Press, etc.) Provides assistance with home education. MATHS AUSTRALIA Maths Australia is the sole distributor of the Math-U-See® program in Australia. Math-U-See® is a favourite amongst many AussieHomeschoolers. POSITIVE ACTION for CHRIST Bible Curriculum specialising in curriculum for elementary, middle and high school ages. STEINER EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS and books. VERNA HEIGHT EDUCATIONAL produces Educational Resources For Schools, Homeschoolers And Independent Learners. Supplying Grammar On One Hand: A Tool Kit For Writers, Enjoy Essay Writing, and Learning To Read And Write With The Bible.  
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