Members of AussieHomeschool are going to start going through a book called A Charlotte Mason Education: a homeschooling how-to manual by Catherine Levison.

Understanding why we do what we do is vital to successful long term home education. Once we understand the principles that undergird the method we will be able to choose and use the best resources and tweak our schedules accordingly.

How will it work?

  • Each week we will summarise a chapter of the book. Some weeks we will pose questions for discussion but you can feel free to jump in with your own questions.
  • We aim to cover 2 chapters per week so that we get done with the book in one term. That sounds like a lot but it’s a short book. Really.
  • We’ll title the new posts with ACME – Introduction and so on…

Where do I get the book?
I don’t know of any specific book suppliers in Aus. at the moment but feel free to use the link in our big black navigation bar at the top (under Shop With Us –> BookStores), to order the book. FishpondBooks Depository UKBook Depository USChristianBooks.

Recommended Reading

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