Despite the name, AussieHomeschool is more than just a homeschooling site. It is a network dedicated to encouraging relationships – family relations and most of all, our relationship to God. We aim to accomplish this goals by posting informative, encouraging, motivational posts from real, Aussie parents. We link to a wide variety of resources. We endeavour to assist parents to take full responsibility for the children’s education, regardless of public, private or homeschool.

The Team

Simply SusanHomeGrownKids or Susan is the site owner and administrator. She has been joyously married to her beloved for 26 years. They are a blended family of six children who have lived in SA, ACT, NSW, Vic, QLD, Adelaide and now live in rural Victoria. She has been writing on the Internet since 1998.  Susan has homeschooled four children, using a variety of methods but mainly Bible-based,literature-rich, delight directed approaches. She is a proud grandma to four adorable grandchildren and is currently raising a two year old toddler! She works part time outside the home. Her interests are health and nutrition, bible study, talking, writing and playing with the little ones. She meanders thru marriage, motherhood & mess in her typically verbose manner at her blog.


Liz has worked for AHS for many years. She cleans and dusts the Classifieds area and she loves to hit the big red delete button. Liz has been married for nearly 22 years, blessed with 3 children & living in the ACT. They have always homeschooled using a variety of methods and curriculum, some which worked, others which they’ve sold! Her favourite resources are Saxon Math, Wordly Wise and the Bible. Liz is also a chocolate lover, winter bunny, maker of Cherry Ripe mudcakes!


JessDaughter of Eve has been working with AHS for a few years. Jess adds gentle wisdom, sound reason and steadiness to the mix. She is an eclectic homeschooler who has homeschooled her six for over 12 years in several states. She is a compulsive collector of books and curriculum, and slowly learning that her house will not hold all the books that she likes and that not everything good is necessary!


Bluewren is our newest moderator with a quirky sense of humour that is easy to miss as she is a little quieter than some of us. Jenny has been married to her Scotsman, who gets away with murder because he sounds exactly like Sean Connery, for 22 years. She has two teenagers: a daughter 19 and a son 16. Jenny has homeschooled for 7 years and has always been eclectic, frequently writing her own unit studies. She has been a Christian most of her life and she live in a semi rural region of N.S.W with 3 sheep, 1 border collie and three naughty cats. She is probably a serious contender for Jess’s compulsive hoarder of books award.


ChareenChareen is a contributor to the AHS Facebook page. Chareen is a South African born, New Zealander living in Australia. She has homeschooled her three children for 16 years. Chareen enjoys reading and researching information and is passionate about supporting and encouraging homeschoolers, homeschooling and books. She blogs at Every Bed of Roses.


John is the technical genius behind the site. He’s the one who has to endure the shrieks and screams every time something goes wrong with the site. He is married to the most gorgeous, non-demanding woman on the planet. (Guess who is writing this?) Without John’s financial support, patience and tireless efforts this site would not exist as we know it. He is married to Susan (HomeGrownKids) and is a homeschooling dad. His interests are astronomy, woodworking, computers, playing with the little ones, the Adelaide Crows and pottering in his man-cave.


The AHS moderating team has over 48 years of home education experience between them. That’s seventeen children and 48 years in total.

Note: Even though this site is predominately written by females we all write and serve with the blessing of each of our husbands.

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