Are you still looking for an Australian History curriculum for your studies? Well, Linda Maher has put together a gem of a resource! Written by an Aussie home-schooling mother for other home-schooers…Linda knows what is needed an a program, and she delivers.


Australia…The Wide, Brown Land For Me is a program that includes text, suggested activities both bookwork and hands-on, map-work, recipes and more! The text covers over 400 years of history from the earliest known times through discovery and white settlement, Federation, to the present time.

There are 38 lessons which can be used in any way you need. Some families might like to do 2-4 lessons a week whereas others might prefer to go through slower, while adding in some good living books or historical fiction. Photocopying for use within the family or home-school is allowed for those with more than one child, so you only need to buy the one copy! (You might like to buy an extra Student Page booklet)

You won’t need an excessive amount of extra supplies; only things like a project book, pens and glue along with your Internet connection, atlas and some reference books – everyday things which most home-schooling families within the home. You can purchase a separate Student Page booklet (of which the same pages are in the text but having them available in a separate book cam be more convenient).

The lessons are geared toward the 2-8 grade level but could easily be used by an older student independently with an expectation of higher quality reports, essays, and required reading.

This resource could easily be used as a ‘spine’ for your Australian studies and by using Janette’s History Pictures and Narratives along with good, living books you will have a complete Australian studies program.

If you like Story of the World for World History and desire something similar for Australian studies, I believe you’ll be suitably impressed with Australia…The Wide Brown Land For Me!

This resource can be purchased (and sample pages viewed) through Adnil Press.