There is a new resource in town, or rather the country. The Australian Home Education Advisory Service is aims to work with your family values for your children’s education. The goal is to be supportive of the needs and goals of your family.

What AHEAS can offer you:

  • Support deciding and developing appropriate curriculum
  • Assistance selecting texts and resources
  • Exposure to different workable home education styles
  • Understanding and care for particular needs
  • Assurance that your child is learning and achieving within the appropriate levels for their age
  • Assistance if and when your child needs to return to school
  • We will provide assistance locating suitable tutors when requested
  • A curriculum will be individually developed in consultation with your family. It will utilise typical texts used in schools and other online resources matching the needs of particular students in keeping with state requirements and the new outcomes expected by the National curriculum. Down the track we would like to develop our own curriculum in core subjects based on the National curriculum.

(taken from their website)

Who is behind AHEAS?

The director of AHEAS, Glenda Jackson is a mum who has home schooled her four children, completed a doctoral thesis on home education and worked as a secondary school teacher. She has valuable knowledge and skills to empower families to provide the right environment for children to learn and develop.

Pop over and visit their website today! You’ll find them at Australian Home