Author: Belinda

Scrapbooking for the Reluctant Writer

I love scrapbooking – and it has found its way into our homeschool experience.  Before all you who think you don’t have time or don’t have an arty bone in your body disappear just hear my definition of a scrapbook page:  a photo, a title, some words.  It is the same definition I have for a notebook page: a graphic, a title, some words.   Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be fancy, mind you, neither do our notebook pages. Several years ago when Daniel was struggling to write – there was a combination of poor fine motor skills, plus a delay...

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Homeschooling Expectations

Expectations. We all have them. We have them for our marriage, our homemaking, parenting and our homeschooling. Unmet expectations will make us think we haven’t done too well throughout the year. Uncommunicated expectations will make us set unrealistic goals for next year. Expectations – be false, met or unmet – will have a bit impact on how we assess our success for 2012 and how we plan for success in 2013. We need to acknowledge our expectations to ourselves, discuss them with our spouse, pray over them, tweak them, and set goals toward meeting real honest true expectations – this way, our hopes and dreams may well show fruit in season. Continue reading

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