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ANZAC Resource List

Kylie over at Our Worldwide Class Room has a FREE Printable ANZAC unit for Young Learners. Suzie shares two great posts for ANZAC day over at Suzie’s Home Education Ideas 10 Ways to help Children Understand ANZAC Day Learning about ANZAC Day Chareen over at Every Bed of Roses shares ANZAC Day an Ode to the Fallen a list of Resources for you Gallipoli by Kerry Greenwood   Erin from over at Seven Little Australians shares her pic of 10 Books for World War 1    Georgina from over at Walkers Homeschool Life shares Celebrating Australia a collection of...

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Easter Resource List

Over at Willy Wam Whimsy you can get a step by step tutorial for Making an Easter Tree. Stacey from over at A Moment in Our World shares 16 Easter Activities for you. Kylie from over at Our World Wide Classroom shares Fun Australian Easter Printables 8 Easter Tot Trays The Bilbies First Easter Activities list. Montessori Mama shares over at Montessori Nature Montessori Inspired Easter Shelves FREE Easter Colouring Pages to foster creative thinking and imagination Montessori Inspired Easter Traditions Around the World Collette from over at The Art of Being Mama shares A Children’s Easter Bible Study....

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Aussie Homeschool Blog Post Round Up

Recently the Australian Homeschool Bloggers have formed a group and decided to join forces to share their knowledge and insight with you.  Welcome to the first Aussie Homeschool Blog Post Round Up for 2014. Kylie over at Our World Wide Classroom shares some great ideas for learning about Continents & Oceans along with a FREE Printable for you. Sarah from over at We Live We Learn addresses the topic So What is Homeschooling Anyway ? The family also did a Recycled Paper activity and shared a full tutorial on how to make your own Recycled Paper. Stacey from over...

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Friday Freebie: Win a Copy of A Parent to Parent Chat on ADHD

Leave a comment to win a copy of the ebook, A Parent to Parent Chat on ADHD by Theresa Lode. Whether you suspect you have a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, or you have an official diagnosis it goes without saying that you’re exhausted. True, parenting in and of itself is hard work. Throw in a kid with ADHD or some similar issues and a parent can explore new realms of exhaustion not understood by other parents. Continue reading

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