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The Parable of the Animal School

An old story tells of the creation of a school for the animals. In this school, everybody took the same four courses: flying, swimming, climbing, and running. Among the students were a duck, a flying squirrel, a fox, and an elephant. These four were highly motivated, and wanted to get good grades, so they all tried very hard. Continue reading

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Demystifying Education (the ABC’s of Real Learning)

Demystifying Education Or, the ABC’s of Real Learning By Diana Waring When I started on the path of homeschooling twenty-five years ago, teaching a child to read (or anything else for that matter) seemed like a terrifying, somewhat unnatural activity for a parent without a degree in education. I took up teaching when it was a time when the career opportunities as a CMA were bleak. So, naturally, I clung like a drowning rat to any floating book, curriculum, or homeschool wives’ tale that came my way—anything that looked like it might support me in the mysterious realm of...

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Why Do People Homeschool?

Homeschooling means different things to different people. For some families, homeschooling means duplicating school at home, complete with textbooks, report cards and regularly scheduled field trips. For others, homeschooling is simply the way they live their lives – children and adults living and learning together with a seamlessness that would challenge an observer to determine which was ‘home’ and which was ‘school.’ If you think of a kind of homeschooling continuum, with ‘school at home’ at one end, and ‘learning and living completely integrated’ on the other – you would find homeschoolers scattered along that line with every possible...

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What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling, home education, home-based-learning…the name changes but the essence of it doesn’t. Homeschooling parents oversee the whole education of the child generally, but not limited to, a one-on-one tuition style of learning. The dictionary defines a home as at the heart or center of one’s life. It is a place where one can rest and be safe. School, on the other hand, is defined in the dictionary as a place for teaching and learning with a group of people holding similar beliefs or opinions for training. Homeschooling, therefore, is a way of life that makes up an entire lifestyle. Home-based-learning offers the unique experience of all family members learning together and from each other. The academic education is able to be tailored to suit the child’s needs, abilities, interests, gifts and learning styles while also considering the needs of the whole family and wider...

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What is Education?

The dictionary defines education as the knowledge and abilities gained through training while changing a person’s nature. It is training children to search for answers to their own questions and giving them the love for the adventure of learning. Sharing knowledge and training in righteousness is the gift parents give their children in order for them to survive in adulthood. These lessons in life in the home (beginning with the Garden of Eden) is the responsibility of each and every parent. Parents love their children and want to guide their learning in the preparation for the future. It is the method in which we obtain knowledge and the wisdom to utilize that knowledge in the real world so that we may better serve...

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Ten Steps to Getting Started with Homeschooling

1) Make the Decision Making the decision to homeschool is not to be taken lightly or quickly. It is a daunting task to take on the full responsibility for your child’s education. Here are some considerations to help you think through the process. Is the homeschooling lifestyle for you? (Article)   2) Read books Yes, reading books is actually much better than reading blogs or websites mainly because there is just so much information available that it can be totally overwhelming. I suggest starting off with a few good books on the topic. Here are the books that have been suggested by members.   3) Understanding Homeschool Laws It is very important to know and stay within the laws and requirements of your state. In general, it is not wise to start by asking your local school what the homeschooling law is – often they don’t know, and they may give you misleading information. They may quote policy as though it were law…you need to find out the laws regarding home education in your state. Legal Information in our Link Library Articles on legal information Legal Information in the forum   4) Finding a Support Group If you’re reading this then you’ve already started this step. Pop over to our forums and meet with others. however you may also like to get involved with a non online support group....

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The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Know About Homeschooling

Taken from 1. Homeschooling is life changing. It creates personal growth for both the parent and the child. You (the parent) get a second chance to re-discover your own special genius, while you help your children discover theirs. Nothing you will ever do will have a more profound effect on your child and your family’s future as homeschooling. 2. You are qualified to homeschool your children if you love to read to them, love to spend time with them, love to explore the world with them, love to see them learn new things and, most important, love them.  3. Children love to learn. It is as natural to them as breathing. They have an inborn hunger to explore the world and examine what is interesting. They learn by following their interests, with one interest leading to another. This is the way we all learned as younger children and how as adults we learn after we leave school. Homeschooling families learn together and know that learning is a life-long process. 4. Homeschooling is legal everywhere in the United States, but homeschooling laws vary from state to state. The three basic categories for homeschooling laws are: home education laws, private school laws, and equivalency laws. The best way to find out what your state laws are is to contact a local support group in your area. To contact a representative...

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ABC’s of Homeschooling

ABC’s of Homeschooling Found at TheHomeschool Advocate A – Athletics:  Homeschoolers do participate in sports!  Some prefer local city teams, others participate through the Boys and Girls Clubs or Upward type programs.  In some areas, homeschoolers are permitted to participate on public or private school teams.  Where I live, there are private homeschool sports teams that compete with area private schools.  It is possible for homeschool students to participate in sports, visit and get all the details! B – BOOKS:  I’ve never met a homeschool family who didn’t appreciate books.  We’ve been told that we have more books...

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