Searching for quality Australian and New Zealand copy work is time consuming, so we have done the hard work for you. We have chosen ‘living literature’ that is VERY EASY TO USE in the homeschool. We carefully selected a broad range of good literature that we believe will be educational, encouraging, uplifting and bring delight to you and your students. Our extracts are chosen from material which dates from 1700’s-2007 and includes classic fiction, poetry, songs, biographies, studies of nature and explorers’ journals. You can see the literature list when you look at each individual books. Our Beatrix Potter for Beginners and Mother Goose have universal appeal. And the Downunder Copywork series has been developed to provide a language-art resource that has a unique ‘down under’ flavour.


Handwriting Fonts

We have traditional and modern handwriting fonts depending on your preference. Many of our copywork books are available in printing and cursive. The manuscript/ball and stick style (used with LEM and in the US).We also have a Foundation font which is a modern slanted manuscript style, used in Australian schools.


What does a homeschooling mother say about our Copy Work ?

“From someone who has just purchased the complete set of copy work books for the varying ages of our children, I’d just like to say how impressed I am with them, with the specific and classic Australian and NZ literature used – I can identify with some of the poetry and extracts used that take me back to my dear school days … ahhhhh! Or should I say AHHHHHHH!!!!!! My enthusiastic five y/o loves the Beatrix Potter beginner set, too. Certainly worth a look, I’ve never been so excited about copy work before!”

Leesa (Homeschool Mother, Queensland)


Eight Handwriting and Copywork ebooks available including our free Blinky Bill Alphabet Copy eBook

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