Eclectic Approach


home schoolers consider themselves “Eclectic.” An eclectic homeschooler
“takes the best and leaves the rest.”  Cool Using the most appropriate
aspects of each method is the perfect way for many families to
customise the education of their children to meet the many needs of the

Eclectic Homeschooling, as the name implies, uses a variety of homeschool approaches. Eclectic parents are innovative and flexible. They trust their own judgement to pick out or piece together the best curriculum from various methods and philosophies to complement the academic and experiential learning of their child. They are more inquisitive about educational materials, books, programs and theories. Eclectic parents continually shop for good products that will meet the needs of their homeschoolers.

Most eclectic programs start with a curriculum foundation that corresponds to their own views of education and their child's learning style. The educational information used generally comes from diverse materials. Most eclectic homeschool households purchase a curriculum, then refine it and supplement it to meet the particular needs of each child. The curriculum is chosen to meet the child's temperament, gifts, interests, and learning style.

Although most eclectic homeschoolers teach academics, textbooks are not used alone. It is believed that each child needs the freedom to explore his interests and to take advantage of everything and anything that can be a learning experience. Many eclectic homeschoolers attend private or group music and dance lessons, or go to classes with other homeschoolers. Eclectic programs often include venturing out to museums, public libraries, or nature walks. Eclectic homeschoolers believe that their method provides them with an extremely effective and functional system of learning.

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