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It’s Freebie Friday at AussieHomeschool!

Some excellent free Maths resources, courtesy of the National Adult Literacy Database (Canada)

Money Math ~ PDF
Section one includes personal finances, and setting up a budget. Section two is on saving money and compound interest. Section three covers consumer math and helps students learn to calculate discounts, tips, gas consumption and cell phone options.

Home Math ~ PDF
Section one, Measurement in Your Home, covers area, perimeter, circumference, temperature and time. Section two, Environmental Math, shows how to help the environment and save money at the same time by cutting down on water consumption, electricity use and garbage. Section three, Paying Bills, deals with handling bills for utilities, credit cards and mortgages.

Simply Math ~ PDF
Written in plain language, it covers basic math skills, fractions, decimals, percentages, metric units, and measurements.

Kitchen Math ~ PDF
Section one is Shopping for the Kitchen, which includes comparison shopping, finding the unit cost of an item and buying large appliances. Section two is Using Measurements which includes doubling recipes, comparing ratios, and using metric conversions. Section three is Nutrition, which covers calories and teaches learners to read food labels.

FREE Math eBooks  (more at this link)