We have always loved Anne Elliot’s products, especially the Bible curriculum. For a limited time you can get all of Anne’s Bible Curriculum for free over at CurrClick. That’s $30 worth of value – for free. That’s 3 years of Bible curriculum. Run over and grab these fabulous freebies today and your Bible study for the next three years is taken care of! If you miss out on the freebies, I wholeheartedly recommend Foundations Press.

  • Study the Bible chronologically, beginning with the Old Testament. A firm foundation for biblical understanding will be laid.
  • Teach your children how to study the Bible for themselves, using inductive and deductive methods.
  • Through daily use, teach your children how to handle their Bibles, understand what it means, and apply it to their lives.
  • Commit large sections of Scripture to memory, hiding it in your hearts so your family will not sin against God.
  • Children who begin studying the Bible in first grade will have thoroughly discussed God’s Word four times before they graduate from high school.
  • A variety of activities for multiple ages means that families will read together, study together, and grow together… making life easier for Mum and simplifying your homeschooling day.

Foundations One

Foundations 1 examines the Old Testament, preparing your children for the coming of Christ by presenting them with a clear picture of God’s nature and character, as well as the nature and character of sinful mankind. They will learn about the necessity of the Law and about God’s plan to provide a Savior from sin. They will have a clear understanding of the place of Israel in God’s plan. The goal is to lay a firm foundation in their lives for understanding Christ as presented in the New Testament.

Normally $9.95 but you can get it for free at Currclick for a limited time.


Foundations Two

Foundations 2 studies the Gospels and Acts, as your children will see how Christ was the fulfillment of all the Old Testament. They will learn how the early church was founded and how God has continued to build His church.

Normally $9.95 but you can get it free at Currclick for a limited time.



Foundations Three

Foundations 3 will continue the study of the New Testament by surveying the Epistles and the book of Revelation. Your children will now have the necessary framework to study systematic theology as well as character traits that are taught in the Epistles.

Normally $9.95 but you can get it free from Currclick for a limited time.



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