youngzine logoYoungzine is a free online news website for children that presents current events in politics, science & technology, environment, and society through articles, pictures and videos without the risk of running into inappropriate or sensational content.

When you get to the site, you’ll see some of the featured news articles. Use the menu at the top of the screen to access information about:


  • World News
  • Science & Tech
  • Our Earth
  • Society & Arts
  • Sports

Each section offers articles, videos, picture galleries, facts, trivia, and additional resources for learning more about various topics.

There is also a section called “Play Zine” that contains comics, entertaining and fun videos, and online interactive games.

Access to the content on the site is free. Readers are encouraged to register at the site (also free) and join in the online community of parents and children to express their views, submit articles, book reviews or travelogues, and win points through participation. All content is moderated by Youngzine’s editorial team.

Age Range: 8-15 (Approximately, with parental guidance. Non-readers will need assistance.)




Student News Daily logoStudent News Daily is a non-profit current events website for high school students. The goal of SND is to build students’ knowledge of current events and strengthen their critical thinking skills by providing comprehension and critical thinking questions along with published news articles and other current events items from established news organisations.

Student News Daily  offers a daily current news item — usually pulled directly from an online newspaper with very little editing — along with background information and discussion questions about the article. There are also weekly World Briefs which highlight news from three different countries around the world, and even a weekly cartoon, complete with questions for discussion.

Age Range: High School students (Approximately, with parental guidance.)