Create unique and fun colouring books from your own photos instantly.

Coloring Page Creator is a tool that automatically creates colouring pages from your own photos! All you have to do is upload them, wait barely a minute and viola! In just a couple of moments, your picture has been transformed into a high quality black and white representation, ready to be coloured in.

The idea behind really came into fruition when one of the creators of the site looked at the colouring books his children used. He wanted to find an easy way to create personal colouring in books. He searched the Internet but could only find tutorials using photo editing software. Not one to be discouraged, this father set out to create the

The goals of are:

  • No dowload of software required
  • Instant
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Create colouring pages instantly from your own pictures
  • Create colouring books in PDF format
  • Facebook support – Pick photos directly from your Facebook account
  • Share and comment you colouring pages with your friends
  • It’s free!
I made a very quick AHS ebook, using some of my own images. Obviously you could do a lot better with more time, better choice of images, etc but you can get an idea of how it works. Download my little ebook here.

Benefits of Colouring In

Colouring in is cheap, readily available and a very beneficial education tool.

Colouring in develops fine motor skills. Hand/eye coorindation through the use of pens and pencils is essential to hand writing. Colouring In comes before hand writing. In colouring in, we teach the child correct pencil grip and whilst they are playing (colouring in) their small, intricate muscles of the hands, fingers, wrists and the larger muscle groups in the arms are being developed and strengthened. The pincer grip (thumb and first finger) is essential for penmanship and many other skills later in life.

Colouring in can stimulate creative thinking! We can see how a child is feeling at the moment or about certain topics simply by observing their colouring – their use of colours, stroke, etc. Some children talk, others write and others children prefer the expressiveness of art. Colouring in develops and encourages colour awareness and allows people to express themselves with different colours and colour combinations.

Colouring in can be a way of relaxing – getting that ‘down time’. It can be safer for a vulnerable child as many find drawing their own image to be very daunting (I’m putting my hands up here!) but they can still get all the benefits of art without the pressure of creating from scratch.

Colouring in can develop concentration or the Habit of Attention. Learning to give one’s attention to one task and see it through to completion is an important skill that is essential for further learning.

Colouring In can be a fun, cheap, practical tool we use in our homeschool to assist us in fostering a sense of success & accomplishment which is imperative to further education and learning.

Note: I have used two different variations of spelling for the word ‘colouring‘ in this post. When the word applies to the name or url of the site I have used its own variation (American spelling) but in other instances of the word, I have used our own English/Australian spelling.