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The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved

From Creation Conversations offers a few freebies, and some of them are especially for homeschool use!

A dinosaur book like you’ve never seen before!

Not only is the “dinosaur mystery” solved, but you’ll be taught the TRUE history of the earth and its inhabitants!

Your thinking about this world will never be the same again! A wealth of information combined into one volume, this fascinating book is a perfect addition to your family library!

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And for an extra, because we couldn’t help but mention it… for kids

Also has some great free downloads on their free lesson plans page. Topics include: Abraham, Adam, Animals, Babel, Bible, Cain & Abel, Creation, Creatures, Dating, Design in Nature, Dinosaurs, Flood, Garden of Eden, Jesus Christ, Moses, Noah’s Ark, Plants, Salvation, the Ten Commandments and more!