As a mother of young children . As a family on one income it was hard to make ends met. I often looked for ways to save money without compromise. And I had a friend. We worked out how to save a little bit of money, to be of service to each other and to see our children educated in an area that was a weakness of us each.

homeschool barter

We bartered!  We swapped subjects! And it worked a treat.

My friend wanted her daughter to learn the piano. I could teach her, but as a homeschooling, busy mama when would I fit it in? So we simply swapped jobs! I taught her daughter for 30min or more per week and my friend did my ironing!

All it took was a little bit of creative thinking and a few logistics to figure out and this system worked well for quite awhile.

Maybe you can’t teach music but you love to teach a subject that a nearby friend does not. Maybe you could swap! If you like Nature Study and your friend isn’t the most motivated person for Nature Study yet she loves Art, Cooking, Sewing or History maybe you could do a Lesson Swap!

The benefits of Lesson Swapping are numerous. You don’t have to each everything – especially the subject you’re either not interested in or know nothing about.

  • Your child gets to learn from someone who is passionate in that subject.
  • It’s fun!
  • It’s motivating!
  • The creativity and sharing sets a great example for your children.
  • It’s a good way of tackling the subjects you don’t like but want your children to have a basic knowledge in.

Do you swap jobs or subjects with another family? If you are already involved in something similar, please leave a comment and share with us. The more ideas, the merrier!