How do you assess the growth of your children – emotional, physical, spiritual and academic? Do you ever feel inadequate or slightly ‘less-than’ after being with friends or other homeschoolers?

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A few years ago, I had fallen into the trap of measuring my family’s growth against other families. I didn’t mean to do it. In fact I didn’t even realise I was doing it at first. But I had some great friends and I listened to them. Listening to them wasn’t my downfall but using them as the yardstick by which I measured my family was wrong.

I needed to learn to stop looking at others, what they were doing, using and reading and keep my eyes on God.

Maybe you’ve hit [homeschool] rock bottom. Maybe you’re struggling and the days seem to be a struggle. Maybe you feel like everyone else is doing a great job, except you. It’s in these times that we need to step back, stop looking at others and seek God. There have been more than one occasion where I’ve had to put blinders on.

Why Do We Do This?

In the home-school journey where a lot of our results are not immediately seen, we look for reassurance. We do this because we have assumed the full responsibility for the education of our children and we don’t want to get it wrong. However, using another family (either in real life, online or from a book) is not THE measuring stick we should be using.

I want to encourage you to seek God for your family and for your homeschool. Allow Him to direct your path.