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Written by Michelle Morrow- from Homeschooling DownUnder

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Teaching and Getting Organised in the Primary Years

New to homeschooling? Feeling a little overwhelmed, information overload… don’t know where to start? You need How to Homeschool 101, Teaching and getting Organised in the Primary Years.

When you download this book, you will read about:

Laying a good foundation for your homeschool.

Michelle will then continue to help you with:

  • Having confidence to teach
  • Planning your homeschool
  • Getting organised to homeschool
  • Start homeschooling
  • Researching curriculum for a good education
  • Save money on curriculum
  • And avoid burnout

Instant Download – Purchase Here for $7.95

So what’s different about this ebook?

There are many How-To books available on the Internet. Many of them are free. But this one is written by an Aussie, for other Aussies.

What you can’t get from all those free how-to homeschool books that are written for other countries

  • Online support in Australia
  • Meeting local homeschoolers
  • Where to get Australian Government registration.

Homeschool Teacher Training

We don’t need teacher training from school based systems. What we need is to be taught and encouraged how to be a homeschool teacher

We need to learn some essentials to set the foundation of our homeschool:

  • Make homeschool happen and not exhaust ourselves in the process
  • Help our children love learning
  • Tailor the homeschool to our children’s needs
  • Set up a good routine
  • Get the academics right
  • Teach character and critical thinking

How to Homeschool 101 is not an exhaustive, comprehensive manual. It is an overview, a guidebook designed to give you confidence, to help you gain direction so that home education will be an enjoyable and beneficial process. This book will help to equip you with knowledge about homeschooling and point you to locating resources here in Australia.

How to Homeschool 101 is a 50 page ebook. You can pay it and download it instantly. No waiting for it to arrive via snail mail.

Want to know about successful homeschooling in Australia? Grab your copy How to Homeschool 101 now!

[notify_box font_size=”13px” style=”yellow”]The author is a Christian and as such a Christian education is  important to her. She does not divorce her Christian beliefs from the concepts of home education. The author’s beliefs will be reflected in her writings but if you are not a Christian then there is still much information in the book that will be very relevant to you. Simply read the information and apply that which pertains to your belief and lifestyle.[/notify_box]

Download a Free Sample

Instant Download – Purchase Here for $7.95

How to Homeschool 101 Ebook