Are we there yet? Is it time yet? That’s how I feel about now. Winter is nearly over but not quite. There’s still a few cold days ahead before we see the warmer days. We’ve been stuck inside the house, we’ve been cold, we might have been ill with snuffles and body aches.

This often seems to be the hardest time of year for seasoned homeschoolers. But this is not just a homeschool syndrome. Even public school teachers and parents feel it. So do many children.

I’m going to offer a few ideas to help you make it through to the warmer months when we can easily and enjoyably go outside and fill up on fresh air and sunshine. Use these ideas as a springboard, let them stimulate your own creative juices as you work how suitable ideas for your family.

  1. Plan for a day off during the week and do something fun or enjoyable as a family.
  2. Take a week or month off regular schooling and do a family unit study instead. Poll the family members to decide what to learn. This will not interfere with their learning. In fact you might find yourself very surprised at what they learn and how they go about it!
  3. Give yourself and your children a pedicure/manicure.
  4. Let the children take a break from English and/or Maths and have them choose an area that they want to learn about. If not for a few weeks, maybe do it for one day of the week.
  5. Throw off schedules lessons and do a different Unit Study each week! A unit study on chocolate makes for a great winter study.
  6. Learn a new hobby. Start a new appreciation. Now is a great time to undertake Music Appreciation or Art Appreciation, knitting, painting, cooking, etc.
  7. Exercise together!
  8. Plan and prepare the garden for planting.
  9. Play board games regularly. Play Twister and other fun games together.
  10. Play X-Box or Wii with the kids.
  11. Undertake service activities at your local church or volunteer with a community service.
  12. Put some music on and dance every day. Even if the children get outside into the cold, it’s quite likely that we don’t. But we need exercise.
  13. Pamper yourself and have your child a manicure and pedicure on you! It teaches them the act of service and gives you some good bonding time. Plus it’s just really nice.
  14. Ask your husband for his opinion on how things are going with the homeschool. Our husbands often have great insight without being as emotionally tangled as we are. Their perspective allows them to offer unique ideas and suggestions.
  15. Pray and worship. Remember, you are not alone.This is a great time to spend in the Word and in prayer.
  16. Ring a friend on a weekly basis. If we can’t always get out and about during the colder months, a phone call can do wonders!
  17. Focus on nutrition – get plenty of protein and lots of veggies. If you don’t get outside in the cooler months, consider a Vit D3 supplement. Do you need a vitamin/mineral supplement?
  18. Try, try, try to get some time outside in the sun and the fresh air. Sunshine affects our metabolism and our moods.
  19. Drink water, water, water… especially if you use a heater. Try a cup of Green tea or White Tea which is chock a block full of anti oxidants and super healthy.
  20. Have a Movie Day once a week. Rent a good movie, make popcorn and drink yummy hot chocolate.
  21. Enjoy your time together. Make the most of it by laughing together a lot. Play together and pray together.

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