AussieHomeschool has great pleasure in informing you of a new homeschool business and service but even more than that, we’re going to introduce you to the business owner and curriculum producer, Joelle so you can get to know her a little more and learn about the heart behind Education Reformation.

Hi Joelle, would you tell us a little about your family?

Jack and I have five children, three boys aged 20, 16 and 14 and two girls aged 18 and 10. We live in a lovely little river valley in south western Victoria. Two boys and one girl are homeschooled with Private Chemistry Tutoring while the others go to the village school.

What made you decide that you wanted to homeschool? Have you been happy with the decision?
We decided to homeschool our children initially because we didn’t want them being brainwashed by evolution. As we began investigating the option of homeschooling we became completely convinced that it was definitely a Biblical approach to raising our children. It has been the best decision we have ever made for our family. It has provided stability in times of difficulty and heaps of flexibility to do more than the average family who is tied down to school commitments. The best thing, though, is the freedom to bring our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. He is our constant helper and is ever faithful.

How long have you been home educating?

We are in our 16th year. None of our children have ever been to school.

What methods or approach have you used consistently over that time?

We began with a textbook approach mostly, though I always tempered that with lots of free time for self education. After a year or two of pouring over homeschool supply catalogues, and feeling more confident to branch out, I began being a lot more eclectic in my approach. One of my children was naturally bent towards self education and I made sure he had the time and opportunities to make the most of that bent. Book work was always done first, then the natural learning. I strongly believe in giving children the tools they need in order to learn naturally. Empowerment and discipline are very important in my view. I have also had a tendency to use some of Charlotte Mason methods, though favour a Christ centered education rather than her child centred one.

One thing that made me confident in my homeschooling is that God is very clear on who he has ordained to teach my children and so I knew I could rely on Him to guide and help me. I threw myself into the role he planned for me as a mother.

What are you really passionate about now?

Well, it may surprise you to know that I don’t particularly enjoy writing! I can only write when I am driven with a clear purpose. I wonder if in writing the books I have that I may have bitten off more than I can chew! However, I am passionate about providing home educators with curriculum written by home educators. I have always preferred this type of curriculum to that aimed at schools. It tends to be more efficient and advanced, not getting bogged down in filling up grade levels. It is also stronger on values and character training.

Other interests are sewing, knitting, crocheting and patchwork when I get the time. I also love to read about economics and business. I love being in business – I find it challenging and a lot of fun, and really enjoy meeting and helping customers. I suppose being in business is my favourite hobby!

The thing I am most passionate about is families living how God has ordained them to. Men and women fulfilling their God given roles and raising children according to His word is what this world needs.

Why Education Reformation?

It rhymes! Seriously, home education is really a reformation in education and I believe will bring about a wider reformation in society and my business name is a reminder of that. It also pertains to the Australian homeschooling curriculum scene in that it is high time we had some culturally relevant curricula of our own and take the opportunity to put ourselves on the map as far as the worldwide homeschooling movement goes.

Fantastic! So what can we expect to find when we visit Education Reformation?

Curricula that is Australian – no more American spelling and grammar; has cultural relevance; is Christian and very importantly efficient in delivering learning, and easy for the parent to use. I am also conscious of the fact that homeschooling curricula should defer to the parent and their authority in their child’s education, rather than imply that a school teacher is the final authority (as in school texts).

Do you have any future plans in the pipeline?

Yes, many! I have lots of book ideas in my head and hope to expand our Copywork Series, and add in some more history and language lessons books. I’m currently thinking through a science book idea and am really excited about one day providing a workbook for teens on God, government and economics.

I am also planning on having a forum for customers who buy my curriculum. It will be a place where I can help them with queries and they can help each other in how they use the curriculum. A forum will provide a place where I can post any additional goodies I want to give to loyal users.

Thank you so much Joelle, it’s been a pleasure hearing about your family and your new business venture. I’ve known you online for quite a few years now and I just know that Education Reformation will be a tremendous blessing to Aussie Homeschool families. I’ll catch you at our own forums and over at your site!

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