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I know it’s not Friday but this freebie wouldn’t wait! Have you heard about ZooWhiz?

ZooWhiz is a flexible, curriculum-linked, online learning system which is free. There is a premium version but register for the free account first and you can always upgrade later on.

Who is it for?
Homeschoolers or school students! Designed for kids aged 5 to 15 with plenty of scope to assist those finding work hard and opportunity to extend even the most able student

But is it Australian?
Based in Australia but produced using curricula from around the world. ZooWhiz allows you to select educational content appropriate to local spelling conventions and units of measure including Australian/British or American spellings, Imperial or Metric units of measure or currencies in $, £ or €.

What is covered?
The educational content is drawn from a bank of over 17,000 carefully-crafted, finely-incremented learning activities. Three subjects covered are, Maths, Word Skills and Reading which also includes punctuation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, word skills, phonics, phonemics and reading.

What’s in the free account?

  • Over 17,000 high quality educational activities for children aged 5 to 15+
  • Access the full range of the ZooWhiz educational content
  • Use the My Activites mode to choose ZooWhiz educational content by subject, ages level and step
  • Spend coins earnt at home or school on a range of zoo animals
  • Spend coins earnt at home or school, playing a range of the Arcade games
  • Access time outside school hours is limited
  • Up to 15 questions a day but not exceeding a total of 40 activities a week
  • View basic reports of your child’s progress

How much is it to upgrade to a premium account?
Normally $59.95 for an annual subscription but EdAlive are offering an introductory price of $29.95 for a limited time. That’s 50% off!

What’s in this for AussieHomeschool?
Nothing! We just wanted to let you know.

Where is the link?
Just in case you haven’t seen the link yet… you can visit ZooWhiz on the web here.

If you use ZooWhiz, drop us a line and let us know your thoughts so that we, as homeschoolers, can continue to serve one another.