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There has been much talk and many emails shared over the news that will be charging for their online program again. AussieHomeschool has written to MathsOnline and received the following reply.

[note color=”#f0f0f0″] Sorry but there has been some confusion over the last few weeks as we were in the process of finalising our pricing structures post the McDonald’s sponsorship era.

A bit if history…

Membership to Maths Online for a student before 2009 used to cost $297 per year.

Then during 2009, 2010 and 2011, McDonald’s Australia generously sponsored our high school maths lessons, such that the $297 maths program was made available to all Australian high school students at absolutely zero cost.

Truly a remarkable gift and contribution to Australian families.

However the McDonald’s sponsorship has now concluded, hence we have had to revert to paid memberships.

Pricing for families is now set $197 (single student) or $297 (family up to 3 students).

For homeschoolers we do offer a substantial discount of 60%.

Also for family memberships (far and away the most popular) on request we increase the numbers from 3 students to whatever number is needed at no additional cost.

We’ve set up a page especially for homeschoolers to sign up at the discounted rate.[/note]

So that this generous offer to homeschoolers reaches the intended audience (home educators), we have added the link to our navigation menu (Shop With Us link). You’ll have to be a logged in member of AussieHomeschool to see the link.

We hope this clears up any confusion and that many home educators will take advantage of this special discount.