General Information about the Montessori Method

Information from Montessori Connections
Videos from The Montessori Foundation

International Associations

Assosiation Montessori Internationale
The Montessori Society A.M.I.(UK)
The Montessori Foundation
American Montessori Society
Montessori Association of New Zealand Inc
Montessori Society of Canada

Australian National Associations

Montessori Association of Australia (MAA) Created by and for homeschooling families
Australian AMI Alumni Association Inc
Montessori Child Australian store, based in Adelaide, SA.
Montessori Australia The Montessori Australia Foundation offers an extensive range of services to support Montessori in Australia.
The Helpful Garden A Montessorian (Aussie) blog.
Montessori Homeschool Activities are most suitable for children from about age 2 to 7.
Counting Coconuts An Aussie Montessori Blog.
Homeschool Connection Another Aussie Montessori style blog.
At Home With Montessori Montessori Inspirations for Families with Children aged 0 to 3

State Associations

Montessori Society of Western Australia Inc.
New South Wales Montessori Association
Queensland Montessori Association
The Montessori Association of Victoria