Prodigal Planet  is a place for the Christian parent who is struggling with their teen. Sometimes, homeschooled or not, our teens face issues which we’d rather they didn’t. Sometimes, our teens make choices and decisions that are completely opposite to the dreams we had for them. If you have a teen who struggles or is involved in any way with drugs, sex, alcohol, self harm or similar then you’ll know that it can be hard to find a place where we can fit in and not feel judged or criticised. Often we can’t even get that from our pastor or our church.

Parenting the broken from the broken,

because we’re all prodigals.

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Prodigal Planet is the vision of Dawn (from The Momma Knows). She has established a team of writers and encouragers who have ‘been there, doing that‘. Prodigal Planet is not about a team of experts, nor is it about criticising already hurting and confused parents. Rather it is a ministry borne from a need, even necessary in the Christian homeschooling world.

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