There seems to be a lot of public holidays in the first half of the year and as a homeschooling family we need to know what we are going to do with them.

We can ignore them

For many years we did just that.  My husband’s work doesn’t take public holidays into account so they weren’t days we could be together as a family so we just kept on with what needed to happen.  Our family doesn’t study on family birthdays so it kind of evened out a bit.

Learn something about our country

Most of our holidays give us an opportunity to learn something – either of values or history.  On the holidays that I did want to teach into I made sure I set some prep time a month or so ahead – this gave me time to find online resources as well as borrow books from the library and some time to learn before the actual significant day.

Get involved in the community

Many of our holidays are celebrated as a community and there are many events that the family can get involved in.

Take a break and just have fun

We can use a public holiday as a marker in our calendar to simply have an extra family fun day.

Work on a family project weekend

Having a long weekend is a good opportunity to get a slightly larger family project happening.  You may even get it completed – especially if you start Friday afternoon!

photo courtesy of creativedoxfoto /

photo courtesy of creativedoxfoto /

As we start our new homeschool year, it is a good time to glance over our calendars and mark down when those public holidays are happening in your State.  What are you going to do with them this year?  It is easy to let these days simply slip away and miss an opportunity, or we can be intentional and forward thinking and make the most of them.