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What is homeschooling or home education?

Homeschooling is a lifestyle. Ideally, we define it, it shouldn’t define us. It’s like a blob of play dough. You’re constantly picking it up, looking at it, shaping it, changing bits of it, and trying to make it into something beautiful! It’s just our family and how we live and learn. It’s like life – it has seasons (good and bad!), it requires hard work, it gives us joy -and pain!



Homeschooling is basically taking control and responsibility for your own child/children’s education. It can be done in various ways, using various methods and even in various levels (using a mixture of a traditional school alongside home based education) as well.

Motives for homeschooling can be varied, some parents are academically driven, others are belief based and motivated, some have specific need based reasons. Most homeschoolers have a desire to be intrinsically involved with their children’s emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and academic development and believe they are qualified to do so.

Homeschoolers have a responsibility to teach their children basic educational standards that usually need to comply with the general population. The way that people Homeschool is totally personal and can vary immensely according to personal styles and convictions. There are numerous ways and methods which people use to Homeschool, as well as many varied resources and institutions that help and encourage people in their efforts. There is a plethora of support groups and networks that support parents who do decide to Homeschool.

Homeschooling does require significant work and commitment, but most parents readily accept the challenge and relish the opportunity to impact their children’s development and education.


Homeschooling is…
Monotonous. Complicated. Draining. Being loved. Discipline. Curriculum. Open. Hard. Honest. Real. Brutal.


Homeschooling is… Life. Meaningful traditions. Radical. Loving. Relationships. Caring. Simplicity. Books. Teaching. Learning. Nurturing. Friendship. Observing. Mentoring. Freedom. Sharing. Memories. Reading. Fun. Cooking… and Eating. Purpose. Spontaneous. Grassroots. Community. Delightful. Energising. Interests. Discipleship. Beautiful. Privilege. Legal. Responsibility. Laughing. Love. Family.

~Susan Priolo


What does homeschooling mean to you?