The Value of Recording a Learning Naturally Approach to Home Education

© Beverley Paine

Learning sounds considerably more involved than the average curriculum
and might be difficult for many parents to do well. " Sharon


is why most of us begin with the average or traditional curriculum and
move to more learning naturally methods as time passes and we gain
confidence and experience.

I get worried I am neglecting my
children's education from time to time with our approach, but I as I
record our daily activities it's easy to see how filled with learning
they are. As I record I convert our daily activities into educational
jargon – this trick especially reassures me. If I couldn't see that
playing postman and dress-ups was essentially covering language
learning, social studies, personal development, drama I'd feel very
insecure about our 'play curriculum'. Likewise with Lego – I've learned
to recognise the traditional curriculum in everyday Lego play
(classifying, sorting, patterns, symmetry, levers, pulleys, planning,
design – all elements of the mathematics and technology curriculum
learning areas). It is by doing this consistently over many years that
I was able to see how closely our non-curriculum followed the school
curriculum, which led me to believe that the school curriculum is based
on a child's natural developmental progress as well as society's
requirements (employment training based aspect of all school


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