Skwirk has generously offered a whopping 50% discount to all AussieHomeschool members until the end of March, on a 12 month subscription. AH members can register for Skwirk interactive online learning for 12 months at 50% discount off the normal price per child. That’s a saving of nearly $50 per child!

Note~ This special applies only to the 12 months subscription and not to any other offers.

Skwirk is an interactive, learning website designed for all Australian school aged students. Skwirk features an array of content designed to target each state syllabus. Skwirk covers the core subjects studied in Australian primary and secondary schools including Maths, Science, Technology, English, History, Geography, Commerce, SOSE and HSIE. Through animations, video’s, exams, podcasts, worksheets and more your homeschooled student will be academically stimulated. Visit the Skwirk About page to learn more.

Sounds Great! Now, How To Get the Discount?

So that this generous offer to homeschoolers reaches the intended audience (home educators), we have added the link to our navigation menu (Shop With Us link). You’ll have to be a logged in member of AussieHomeschool to see the link.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Login or join the site, visit the forums, grab the discount code/ link and supplement your child’s education today!

Note~ We are in no way compensated for any sign-ups or referrals to Skwirk. This is simply a great discount, made available to AH members. And we kindly thank Skwirk for their generosity and support of Australian Homeschoolers.

But hurry now! The offers is only valid until the end of March 2012.

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