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ANZAC Resource List

Kylie over at Our Worldwide Class Room has a FREE Printable ANZAC unit for Young Learners. Suzie shares two great posts for ANZAC day over at Suzie’s Home Education Ideas 10 Ways to help Children Understand ANZAC Day Learning about ANZAC Day Chareen over at Every Bed of Roses shares ANZAC Day an Ode to the Fallen a list of Resources for you Gallipoli by Kerry Greenwood ¬† Erin from over at Seven Little Australians shares her pic of 10 Books for World War 1 ¬† ¬†Georgina from over at Walkers Homeschool Life shares Celebrating Australia a collection of...

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The Beauty of Reading Aloud

THE BEAUTY OF READING ALOUD by Virgina Knowles Reading aloud is a child’s first introduction to good literature. Why is this so important? Reading aloud connects parent and child. It links you together in a personal way around interesting ideas and words. Young ones are soothed by the sound of our voices. I tend to be so much more calm when I am snuggled up on the couch enjoying a great book with them, rather than chasing them around the house trying to keep them out of mischief. Reading aloud builds warm memories, too! What will they fondly remember looking back to their childhoods — pages upon pages of worksheets or the great stories they read with Mom? Reading aloud gives your child a splendid vocabulary. Good literature is rich in descriptive vocabulary. Your child can gain an impressive arsenal of new words to use in speaking and writing. A child can encounter a word in print, and even know what it means, but not know how to pronounce it. Is the word charade pronounced CHAIR-ray-dee or shuh-RAID? If he hears you say it while he is looking at it, he can make the connection and hopefully remember it the next time. Reading aloud prepares a child for learning to read. Study after study has shown that being read to often as a young child is one of the...

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