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Demystifying Education (the ABC’s of Real Learning)

Demystifying Education Or, the ABC’s of Real Learning By Diana Waring When I started on the path of homeschooling twenty-five years ago, teaching a child to read (or anything else for that matter) seemed like a terrifying, somewhat unnatural activity for a parent without a degree in education. So, naturally, I clung like a drowning rat to any floating book, curriculum, or homeschool wives’ tale that came my way—anything that looked like it might support me in the mysterious realm of teaching. Subsequently, I ended up spending far more money than I could afford for curriculum that did not...

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SA Hsers produce HSing Myths exposed film

Originally posted at Adelaide News A GROUP of home-schooled students from the Adelaide Hills will make their film-making debut as part of the Little Big Shots Film Festival. The five students, aged between 10 and 14 years, made We're Homeschooled! which explores the myths and realities of non-traditional education. Co-director Maisie Fabry, 14, of Aldgate, said the short documentary had taken a month to shoot and edit. "When you go into shops, people say things like `Oh, are you home-schooled? Where do you do that?' " Maisie said. "We say `At home'. Hopefully, the film will help to clear up some of those questions." Maisie said they interviewed people on the street: "Most people said they wouldn't want to do home schooling because there was no social interaction, but in the film we prove there's no problem with that." The international festival, to be held between October 9 and 11, is aimed at youth. The 6 1/2-minute film will be screened at 12.30pm on October 11. It's just one of 55 films from 20 countries in the fourth annual Little Big Shots Festival. The full program is available at...

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