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The Australian National Curriculum in a Home Education Environment

If you are an Aussie and a homeschooler, then you will want to check out what our talented partner, Homeschooling Down Under, is doing for you! Aussie curriculum within the Australian National Curriculum! The Australian Curriculum to be phased in by 2013 is available online and Michelle has spent time reading through the documents in an effort to understand how it can work for Australian home educators. Only four subjects are currently available; English, Math, Science and History—the geography curriculum is only in a draft phase but is still helpful for planning. For those homeschoolers who do plan on following the...

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National Curriculum for Australia

A National Curriculum for Australia © Beverley Paine, 27 Nov 07 A media statement issued by Kevin Rudd and Stephen Smith on the 28th February 2007 outlined the newly elected government’s plans to set up a National Curriculum Board with the aim of developing a “rigorous, consistent and quality curriculum for all Australian students – from kindergarten to year 12” within three years. A National Curriculum has long been sought largely to eliminate the problems that arise when students move between states. According to the statement “the National Curriculum Board will bring together Australia’s best and brightest educationalists to ensure the best aspects of State and Territory curricula are available to all our children.” It would be wonderful to see some input from home educators, but I suspect that this education sector will be overlooked. In reality, a National Curriculum is yet another move towards eliminating the sovereignty of the States. Nationalisation is probably an inevitable outcome of Federalism, it’s just taking a century or so to completely weasel the authority away from the States… In the 1990s a National Curriculum was vociferously rejected, principally in the first instance by universities, and then by private schools and most senior high school staff. It was implemented fully in only one state (SA) and then abandoned. I can hear SA teachers groaning at the thought of learning yet another new curriculum...

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