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Teenage rebellion in the homeschool?

This post was in response to a thread on an email group. The discussion was about the high incidence of teenage rebellion in homeschooled children. Sadly,I think there is a lot of myth and fear surrounding the teen years, especially amongst home schoolers. We don’t need to stick our heads in the sand and only discuss that which we want to hear- we need to know what is happening. I believe that there comes a time in everyone’s life where they start to examine and question the big issues of life: why are we here? Who put us here? What happens when we die? Our answer or thoughts to these questions make us do the things we do. We want to teach our children these things that we have taken on as belief and faith. We do teach them. We homeschool so we can spend more time with our children, building the relationship, instilling values, etc I think that there comes a time when a child starts to question those big issues of life. I don’t necessarily think this is a wrong process- actually I think it is necessary if one is to grow and be an individual person (a child of God), rather than a sheep. I see this as a transference of faith– where the child may start to take responsibility for their relationship with God. They...

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Honoring Teens who Don't Deserve It

Honoring Teens who Don’t Deserve It When challenged with the concept that honor means to value others, one parent responded honestly, “My fifteen-year-old son has become so hurtful I just don’t see any value in him anymore. I don’t feel like I can honor him at all.” A problem arises when a person’s worth or value is not easily apparent. A dad might dishonor a teen because he doesn’t appreciate her and even considers her opinions and actions foolish. He may overreact, pull away, or make sarcastic remarks. Mom may react with anger when treated poorly and over time lose any sense of value she once had for her son. It’s especially harmful when parents give up or become hostile in response to teen rejection. We believe this to be a serious parenting mistake that may contribute to young people searching for different friends and authorities who will listen and accept them. When others’ worth or value is not easily apparent, a person must learn to honor by faith. Each person has intrinsic value to God and is significant and worthwhile to Him. Often when you start with God’s perspective you recognize the value of even a difficult person. Stories abound of parents who have continued to be faithful even when all seemed hopeless, only to find the teen to make major steps of improvement. A teen is formulating...

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