The Moore Formula

Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore, known as the grandparents of Christian homeschool education, created their own education system through years of research, and have written countless books and videos. In the 1980s they were one of the very few voices heard on homeschooling and its benefits, methods and advantages.

The Moore's believe in a homeschool method that allows the child to develop at his own pace through informal education until the age of eight. Between the ages of eight and ten years (depending on developmental readiness) the child begins formal education. Following the Moore formula, the child trains in good habits and obedience, and cultivates a sense of togetherness within her family, as well as at church and in society at large.

The Moore formula is based on a balanced approach that includes study,
work and service. The child's interest is the focal point for learning.
Depending on the child's developmental level, she studies each day for
a few minutes to a few hours. Work, called entrepreneurship by the
Moore's, is considered key to the curriculum. Whether in the family home
or in a home-based business, work should be incorporated within any
unit of study. Service, either in the home, the church, or out in the
community, is also a key component of the curriculum. By providing
service to others, the child is learning patience and the moral value
of helping others. The Moore Formula is a Christian-based program, so
Bible study and memorisation is essential and should be done daily. It
is believed that through this curriculum, and the guidance and examples
set by parents, children will become practical, productive,
disciplined, responsible, mature leaders and have excellent character.

The Moore curriculum was specifically formulated for the homeschooled
student. It is considered to be a low-cost and low-stress curriculum
that provides the homeschool community with a highly successful
work-study and behaviour program.



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