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by Esther Lacoba , 10/2/2009

All of Australia is in shock at the carnage metered out through the Victorian Bushfires. We have been in touch with the Victorian Home Education Network and they have informed us that several homeschooling families have been affected by the bushfires. Details are still sketchy but we understand that some homeschooling families have lost their homes. We know of homeschoolers in the Kinglake, Steele’s Creek, Kilmore, Broadford and Beechworth areas who may have lost their homes or seen their neighbours’ homes burn down.

If you would like to donate directly to these homeschooling families you can deposit any monies into the HEA account and we will channel the funds through to Vitoria HEN who are in contact with the families and will offer assistance where needed.

Name: Home Education Association
BSB: 062 262
Account No: 10161154
Reference: VICb’fires
Email: confirming you have made the payment. We will acknowledge with receipt.