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Highlights and links from our community and facebook page over the last week. Our AH Facebook has had a makeover and we are now using the new timeline feature- just another way to stay in touch! We also have a new header. Do you like it?
The AussieHomeschool Question of the Week was…

What is a curriculum that you have tried that just didn’t work for your family and why?

On both the forums and facebook page we discussed R & R Days

Hand-Off being the Bad Guy
For the homeschool mom with one or more special needs children, who already wears too many hats, wearing the “bad-guy” hat, is just one-too-many. Many of the hats we wear have some nurturing effect, and that brings out the feminine side of us, but having to be therapeutic or corrective is a hard thing for our hearts to bear. While correction and therapy is needed, a little creativity can make these roles and processes a lot more palatable.

Living Ideas in Living Books: Choosing Worthy Books for Home and School Libraries by Jeannette Tulis
What happens to a child when inspired by a living book? What are the qualities one should look for in a living book? Why is the choosing of a child’s books so important?

Children’s Activity Pyramid
A printable physical activity pyramid – an excellent idea. Families that play together stay healthier together!

Butterflies and Bicycles wrote about their Why? Board. It’s a great idea and she even included pictures!