Homeschooling, home education, home-based-learning…the name changes but the essence of it doesn’t. Homeschooling parents oversee the whole education of the child generally, but not limited to, a one-on-one tuition style of learning.

The dictionary defines a home as at the heart or center of one’s life. It is a place where one can rest and be safe.

School, on the other hand, is defined in the dictionary as a place for teaching and learning with a group of people holding similar beliefs or opinions for training.

Homeschooling, therefore, is a way of life that makes up an entire lifestyle.

Home-based-learning offers the unique experience of all family members learning together and from each other. The academic education is able to be tailored to suit the child’s needs, abilities, interests, gifts and learning styles while also considering the needs of the whole family and wider community.