Theresa Lode and I have been online friends for about five years. Not only is Theresa a fellow homeschooling ‘mom’ to three, she is witty and ridiculously funny. But wait, there’s more! She is also a writer, amongst many other things. And she has written a book or two on parenting the ADHD child.

But wait, there’s even more!

Theresa is also incredibly generous. And she has given us a copy of her 26 page ebook to give away to our readers.

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Theresa shares a little of their own personal journey as well as gives some down to earth and practical tips that she has learned along the way. This book is not for those wanting an official report on ADD or ADHD. Rather it is for the parent who wants to understand the condition a little more and gain real life ways to help the family flourish.

Theresa is a home educating mother but her ebook will not heap condemnation upon you if you don’t homeschool. Theresa writes in her humorous, bright and sparky way that will give you a chuckle as well as give you information and creative ideas.

Whether you suspect you have a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, or you have an official diagnosis it goes without saying that you’re exhausted. True, parenting in and of itself is hard work. Throw in a kid with ADHD or some similar issues and a parent can explore new realms of exhaustion not understood by other parents.

It’s one of life’s inequities that this exhausted ‘mom’/dad has even more parental responsibilities. Researching ADHD and learning how to deal with it is a field that has kept experts on their toes and extremely busy. So what’s a tired parent supposed to do?

That’s where this e-Book steps in. Theresa has done a lot of reading on ADHD and its cousins. And she has talked to a lot of parents and experts in the field. As a freelance writer, she’s written a fair amount on the subject.

Theresa wants to pass on to you, a distillation of the things she’s learned from parenting her son. By no means is it comprehensive; she purposely keep things general. She considers part of her job is to help you figure out the questions you need to ask because knowing the right questions to ask is the first step in gaining control. Consider this e-Book a friendly cup of coffee with another ‘mom’ who’ll share some of their experiences.

At the end of this e-Book, there’s a list of books she recommends that will cover specific subjects in detail.

Theresa Lode has been married to her best friend, Jay, for the past 18 years. Prior to parenthood, she was a teacher, a nurse, and a parenting expert. Since the arrival of their three children she is no longer a parenting expert and drinks way too much coffee.

You can find Theresa on her website, ReFraming ADHD

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