Guidelines and other useful information to help you write your review

All we ask is that you post useful information so try to be thorough, yet concise. If your review gives the thumbs up, be sure and tell why. If your review gives the thumbs down, also be sure to state why. The idea behind the reviews is to help other homeschooling parents to make wise decisions.

Information you might consider

  • Name and /  Username of reviewer (that’s you!)
  • Ages of children who used this resource:how many children did you use this resource with:
  • Grade level designed for:
  • Grade level used for:
  • Approximate date used:
  • Approximate price:
  • Local supplier:


  • Hardcover/softcover
  • Author/publisher (include link if you like)
  • how much teacher preparation is involved?
  • Explain how it should be used?
  • Explain how you used it.
  • Course content
  • Illustrations
  • Copyright information

Teaching Approach and Learning Style

  • Religious, secular, or multi-use, amount of religion in each subject.
  • The approach (mastery, spiral, unit study, hands on).
  • Consumable, workbook, software, hardcover, softcover, spiral.
  • Teacher’s guide/key necessary or not? Tests available? Necessary?
  • Is it teacher led or done independently by the student?


  • Did you enjoy using this resource? Why or why not?
  • Who or in what situation would you recommend this resource to?