• Despite the name, AussieHomeschool is more than just a homeschooling site. It is a network dedicated to encouraging relationships – family relationships and most of all, our relationship to God. We aim to accomplish this goals by posting informative, encouraging, motivational posts from real, Aussie parents. We link to a wide variety of resources. We endeavour to assist parents to take full responsibility for the children’s education, regardless of public, private or homeschool.

    The AHS moderating team has over 70 years of home education experience between them. That’s seventeen children and 70 years in total.

Staff Directory





HomeGrownKids or Susan is the site owner and founder. She has been joyously married to her beloved for 27 years. They are a blended family of six children who have lived in SA, ACT, NSW, Vic, QLD, Adelaide and now live in rural Victoria. She has been writing on the Internet since 1998. Susan has homeschooled four children, using a variety of methods but mainly Bible-based,literature-rich, delight directed approaches. She is a proud grandma to four adorable grandchildren and is currently raising a two year old toddler! She works part time outside the home. Her interests are health and nutrition, Bible study, Sci-Fi, writing and playing with the little ones. Susan likes to encourage younger women in their role as wives and mothers. She meanders thru marriage, motherhood & mess in her typically verbose manner at her blog.



Tech Admin

John is the technical genius behind the site. He’s the one who has to endure the shrieks and screams every time something goes wrong with the site. 

Without John’s financial support, patience and tireless efforts this site would not exist as we know it. He is married to Susan (HomeGrownKids) and is a homeschooling dad. His interests are astronomy, woodworking, computers, playing with the little ones, the Adelaide Crows and pottering in his man-cave.

Mod Mamas




Liz has worked for AHS for many years. She cleans and dusts the Classifieds area and she loves to hit the big red delete button. Liz has been married for nearly 23 years, blessed with 3 children & living in the ACT. They were all homeschooled from birth through to college (Year 11/12 in the ACT) using a variety of methods and curriculum, some which worked, others which they’ve sold! Her favourite resources are Saxon Math, Wordly Wise and the Bible. The final few weeks of homeschooling are here and the end of 2015 will see the end of homeschooling for our family.  Liz is also a chocolate lover, winter bunny, maker of Cherry Ripe mudcakes!


Jess - Daughter of Eve


Daughter of Eve has been working with AHS since February 2010. Jess adds gentle wisdom, sound reason and steadiness to the mix. She is an eclectic homeschooler who has homeschooled her six for over 15 years in several states. She is a compulsive collector of books and curriculum, and slowly learning that her house will not hold all the books that she likes and that not everything good is necessary!




Jennywren (formerly Bluewren) has been involved with AHS  for 5 years. She brings a quirky sense of humour that is easy to miss and sometimes gets her into trouble.  Jenny has been married for 24 years, has two children, various pets including sheep and has Homeschooled eclectically for over 10 years.  After a serious breakdown in health some years ago and witnessing the effect her slow recovery has had on her family Jenny's passion is to encourage Homeschool mums, especially the mums of special needs kids, not to ignore the important task of nurturing their spiritual, emotional and physical health.  She is also a serious hoarder of books and has a dream to one day own a second hand bookshop.  Her family think this idea is hilarious as they seriously doubt she would ever allow anyone to buy anything.




Social Media Assistant

Chareen is a contributor to the AussieHomeschool Facebook page. Chareen is a South African born, New Zealander living in Australia. She has homeschooled her three children for 17 years. Chareen enjoys reading and researching information and is passionate about supporting and encouraging homeschoolers, homeschooling and books. She blogs at Every Bed of Roses.



Social Media Assistant

Cathy, who has been happily married to James for 25 years, is a people person. She loves people!! Especially those young ones! . She is also a little talkative! 
She has homeschooled all of her 6 kids for 17 years or more. She is addicted to Homeschooling, Books and God and is delightfully relieved now that her older kids are Uni Students and dedicated learners (phew! must have done alright in that hurdy-gurdy learning process pre Internet mind you! ). She is eclectic, "search it till it works" kind of homeschooler, using books, BLM's, Schools, Teachers, Grandparents, The Web anything to MAKE IT WORK..... but admits to leaning towards towards Australian Studies and Art. She is dedicated to exploring various Online Methods of learning that bolsters her own [perceived] failings.

She dabbles in many other things. She is a Pastor's wife,  she blogs at TooManyFlowers, She Facebook's (that is where you will see me most), I am a Childbirth Educator and has the joy of running a NGO in a slum in Manila where Aussies have sponsored over 250 babies and mums!

She loves adapting, tweaking and inspiring new schoolers to relax and just BE!!  Her favourite saying is TTSP... These Things Shall Pass, so find contentment and joy as we travel!



Featured Blog Columnist

Belinda is married to Peter and they have four children (ages 16 to 22). She loves to scrapbook - and has gone completely digital scrapbooking now.  She also enjoys sewing and working with fabrics though that is a craft that she let go during the homeschooling years and is now slowly getting back into it.  She enjoys reading and movies.  Though her kids are all-but finished homeschooling (one to go) she finds that discipleship isn’t over – she still has plenty of conversations, at all times of the day, about all sorts of things.  Being available for her family, and helping her kids in their endeavours still takes up a lot of her time.

You may have heard Belinda speak at some of the homeschool conferences throughout Australia. Belinda contributes to the AussieHomeschool blog as well as writing for her own websites: Lifestyle Homeschool and Live Life with Your Kids.