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Found 2 results

  1. I'm selling HOD's World History Economy package for $288, and Health package for $70. The prices for each set make them a bit more dearer, but I've listed them separately HERE if you are interested. Photos and details can be found at the link as well Or feel free to drop me a line and I can answer questions
  2. Clearing out a pile of curriculum and children's books that are no longer needed. Hope you might find something you need. All items are in Excellent / Unused Condition unless otherwise marked. Photos can be emailed if needed. Postage extra, or free pick up from 4075. LANGUAGE ARTS * Brave Writer 'Jot It Down!' $15 * Excel Basic Skills 'Reading and Comprehension' Years 1-2. $3 * 'Naplan-style Writing' Workbook and Tests. Year 3. $3 * Heart of Dakota 'Drawn Into the Heart of Reading' Level 6/7/8. $15 * Heart of Dakota 'Drawn Into the Heart of Reading' Level 4/5. $5. (Binding removed for ease of photocopying. In a plastic ziplock bag. First 2 pages only completed). * 'First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind' Level 1. By Jessie Wise. $10 * 'The Great Editing Adventure Series' Vol 2. by Commonsense Press. $5 * 'Queensland Targeting Handwriting' Years 1-3 Teacher's Resource Book. $5 * 'Progressing with Courage' English 6. Building Christian English Series by Rod & Staff Publishers. $5 (exlib) MATHS * 'Gamma' Teacher Manual by Math U See. $5 * 'Delta' Teacher Manual by Math U See. $5 * 'Geo All About Angles: Exploring Line and Angle' by Origo Education. $5 * 'Geo Paper polygons: Exploring 2D Shapes through Paper Folding'. $5 * 'Geo Plane puzzles: Exploring Properties of 2D Shapes'. $5 * 'Geo Faces and Frames: Exploring Properties of 3D Shapes'. $5 OR Buy all four 'Geo' books for $12. * 'Algebra for All' ages 9-10 by Elizabeth Warren. Origo Education. * 'An Easy Start In Arithmetic' Grades K-3 by Ruth Beechick. $4 PIANO * 'Encore on Keys Primary Piano' 4th ed Level 1. Includes book, CD & flashcards. Purchased less than a year ago for $38. Selling now for $15. SOSE * 'Window on the World' by Daphne Spraggett & Jill Johnstone. $5 * 'Finding out about Mountains' - Usborne Explainers. 50c * 'The Usborne Book of World Geography' (1997ed). $1 SCIENCE * 'Space'. Grades 1-3. Primary Theme Series by Creative Teaching Press. $2 * 'Spectacular Space' Years 1-3. Reading, Writing & Speaking about Space. By Annalisa Suid. Hawker Brownlow Education. $2 * 'Science is WOW: Working Out the World' A handbook of activities for children and teachers of early childhood science. By Carmel Diezmann & James Watters. $2 HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION * 'Daily Physical Activity: A Guide for Schools' by Qld Govt. $1 BIBLE EDUCATION / CHRISTMAS * 'The Fruit of the Spirit Crafts & More'. Grades 2-6. Christian Concept Series. $2 * 'A Jesus Christmas: Explore God's Amazing Plan for Christmas' by Barbara Reaoch. Published in 2018, we used this this past Advent. Currently available at Koorong for $9.99. I'm selling for $4. * 'Long Story Short' 10 minute devotions to draw your family to God by Marty Machowski. Front cover a bit dog-eared (we used this a lot!); but inside pages in excellent condition. Currently available at Koorong for $34.99. I'm selling for $10. * 'The Advent Jesse Tree'. Devotions for Children & Adults to prepare them for the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas. By Dean Meador Lambert. (hard cover) $4. CHILDREN & TEEN'S FICTION AND NON-FICTION * 'Mountain Born' by Elizabeth Yates (Sonlight recommended). $3 * 'My Story Surviving Sydney Cove: The Diary of Elizabeth Harvey' by Goldie Alexander. $3 * 'Mandie and the Windmill's Message' by Lois Gladys Leppard (exlib) $1 * ' Mandie and the Trunk's Secret' by Lois Gladys Leppard (exlib) $1 * 'Mr Pink-Whistle's Party' by Enid Blyton (hardcover) $1 * 'The Adventures of Mr Pink-Whistle' by Enid Blyton (hardcover) $1 * 'Danger on Midnight Trail' by Mark Littleton (exlib) $1 * 'The Disappearing Jewel of Madagascar' by Sigmund Brouwer $1 * 'The Truth Chronicles: The Ark' by Tim Chaffey & Joe Westbrook $1 * 'Esio Trot' by Roald Dahl (exlib) $1 * 'Secret Seven Fireworks' by Enid Blyton (old version, some browning of pages). 50c * 'Well Done Secret Seven' by Enid Blyton (old version, some browning of pages). 50c * 'Stranded on Terror Island: A Ladd Family Adventure' by Lee Roddy (Focus on the Family Publishing). $1 * 'Stagestruck' by Tomie DePaola (picture book / hardcover w dust jacket). $1 * 'Tasmanian Tiger' by Marion & Steve Isham. (fiction) 50c * 'Dr Seuss' by Wendy Lynch (hardcover, exlib). 50c PARENT READING * 'Learning In Spite of Labels' by Joyce Herzog. $1 * 'Children at Play: Creative Games and Activities for 6-9 year olds' by Elaine Martin. $1 * 'Books in the Life of a Child: Bridges to Literature & Learning' by Maurice Saxby. $3 DVD's * Joseph King of Dreams (by Dreamworks). $2 * The Adventures of Milo & Otis. $2 FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE * Excel Basic Skills Comprehension and Written Expression Year 3. (7 out of 60 pages completed. Front cover is well worn, but inside pages are in good condition).