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Found 2 results

  1. Wanted to buy, Mystery of History Volumes 2, 3 or 4 Textbook and the supplement activity pages if anyone has them. Thanks.
  2. I have the following for sale (not including postage). Thanks for reading! Boys and Girls of Colonial Days - Carolyn Sherwin Bailey $3 FC Old World History & Geography (Textbook, Tests and Answers) - A Beka Book (free with purchase) History Book 2 - Maureen Anderson Diana Waring Presents! Romans, Reformers and Revolutionaries $8 REDUCED A Biblical World History Curriculum – Volume 2 From Resurrection to Revolution TruthQuest History Age of Revolution 1: America/Europe 1600-1800 $14 PENDING by Michelle Miller Grades 5-12 One of Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum spiral bound (might require a 3kg prepaid satchel @ $13.80) A Child’s History of the World PENDING By Virgil M. Hillyer Hardcover, good condition, $8 – used in Sonlight Core 1 & 2 ***Homeschool/"Christian classics"*** Shepherd's Notes - Christian Classics Notes to assist with the study of Christian classics Bonhoeffer's Cost of Discipleship $3 CS Lewis's Mere Christianity $3 Real Homeschool - Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Istagram-Ideal Homeschool PENDING by Karen DeBeus $4 This book is not really about social media per se, but more about our hearts in a world that continues to push us to be more like it. Everywhere we turn, social media is screaming at us and showing us pictures of what we should be. Slowly, gradually, we start following the world and trying to bring God with us, rather than letting God lead us and then bringing the world with us! **Parenting/Marriage/Health** Marriage Under Fire - Dr James Dobson $3 Why we must win this battle On the Other Side of the Garden, Biblical Womanhood for today’s world Virginia Fugate, $4 God’s Design for the Highly Healthy Child $4 By Walt Larimore, MD - Assess your child’s helath - Fix the “spoke” that broke - Benefit from immediate action Living Food for Health by Dr Gillian McKeith $2 12 natural superfoods to transform your health How to Get your Child off the Refrigerator and on to Learning by Carol Barnier $8 PENDING Homeschooling Highly Distractible, ADHD, or Just Plain Fidgety Kids Carol Barnier knew that her son -- more likely to be sitting on the table (or the refrigerator) than in his chair -- was worthy of high expectations. She also knew that he could easily miss achieving them if she didn't find the right key to unlock his capacity to learn. Carol found volumes of information on how to recognize the challenges in ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) children, how to manage them, how to discipline them, and how to accept them. But no one told her how to teach her son math tomorrow. In her search for solutions, she developed techniques that are not only fun for all children, but highly successful with any child who struggles with focus. ~Creative reproducible activity aids that you'll want to use right away ~A phonics program where every lesson is a quick game kids will love ~Instuctional games, manipulatives, and motions that will help you work with, no against, your child's learning style ~Math strategies that make even a workbook fun ~Many more effective, fun solutions to the daily dilemma, "How do I teach my child tomorrow?" The only available resource for teaching a child who struggles with focus. Includes reproducible games and activity guides. ***English*** Of Places Literature - A Beka Book $3 free with purchase Webster's English Thesaurus $3 Effective Communication – Developing Management Skills $3 David Whetten, Kim Cameron, Mike Woods How to Write Reports - Anne Faundez – free with purchase Oxford English Skills Builder - Yr 9/10 Workbook – free with purchase Keys to Good Language: Book 5 - Phoenix Learning Resources – free with purchase ***Math*** Haese Math Mathematics for Australia: Year 9 Worked Solutions - Sandra Haese $8 New Century Maths - Year 9 Workbook $6 Mathematics 10 & 10A – National Curriculum – Dr Terry Dwyer, $6 ***Science/Health/Geography*** Pearson Science 10 (2012) (free with purchase) Australian Curriculum Science 9 – National Curriculum – Dr Terry Dwyer, $5 Bundle $8 PENDING 1. I Wonder Why My Tummy Rumbles - Brigid Avison , Hardcover 2. Learn about The Body – a fascinating fact file and learn-it-yourself project book by Steve Parker 3. Science with PLANTS - Usborne Science Activities This lively book is packed with exciting science activities which encourage children to explore the intriguing nature of plants. God's Marvelous Works: Books One and Two - Rod and Staff (free with purchase) Science Dimensions: Textbooks 2 and 4 - Greg Rickard ***Fiction*** An Elephant in the Garden, $3 Michael Morpurgo, (the author of War Horse) Calico Captive, Elizabeth George Speare $4, a novel By the author of Newbery Medal winners The Witch of Blackbird Pond and The Bronze Bow Leepike Ridge $4, N.D. Wilson, a novel, By the Author of 100 cupboards PENDING Forgotten caves and ancient secrets … Shakespeare’s Scribe, $4, Gary Blackwood, a novel The Sequel to The Shakespeare Stealer A fraud, an accident and an unwritten play Cairo Jim set (8 books) $20 – by Geoffrey McSkimming Cairo Jim & the Sunken Sarcophagus of Sekheret Cairo Jim & the Chaos from Crete Cairo Jim & the Secret of the Sepulchre of the Sphinx Cairo Jim & the Alabastron of Forgotten gods Cairo Jim on the Trail to ChaCha Muchos Cairo Jim & the Quest for the Quetzal Queen Cairo Jim & Doris in search of Martenarten Cairo Jim & the Tyrannical Bauble of Tiberius The Loaded Dog - Henry Lawson, HC, $3 Australian A Dog Called George - Margaret Balderson $2 Mr Popper’s Penguins, $3 some damage, A Pop-Up Book by Richard and Florence Atwater Valley of Heavenly Gold - Eve Sutton $3, a novel Boston Jane: An Adventure - Jennifer Holm $3, a novel Maelstrom - Alexander Scott $3, a novel Forged in the Fire - Ann Turnbull $3, a novel The Door in the Wall - Marguerite de Angeli $3 Robbers on the Road - Melvin Burgess $2, novel Spot’s Bedtime Storybook $2 Eric Hill At the Edge of the Sea - Ann Goodale $2, Picture book Voyage to the Edge of the World - Lesley Sims $3 The Six Swans and Other Fairy Tales - Anne Hanzl $3 paperback Solo - Paul Geraghty $3 Illustrated in full color. "Geraghty's polished, striking art is the mainstay of this volume. The story, about the newborn penguin Solo and her parents, moves from one perilous scenario to the next as Solo's parents take turns visiting the danger-filled sea in order to get food. Geraghty's illustrations bring the Antarctic winter so close that one can't help but shiver."--Publishers Weekly. **DVDs CS Lewis - through the Shadowlands $3 Joss Ackland and Claire Bloom Author and theologian C.S. Lewis was no stranger to pain. This original heartwarming account of his marriage to Joy Davidman gives you insight into how Lewis moved forward in faith out of the dark shadowlands following his beloved wife's death. Starring Joss Ackland and Claire Bloom. C.S. Lewis Through the Shadowlands includes both, a 90-minute television version and 73-minute abridged version.A Note to our International Video and DVD Customers: Videos and DVDs purchased from Christianbook.com are in the following formats :DVDs : Region 1 (Canada and USA only) Jackson's Run $3 Sometimes what we're searching for is right in from of us. Jackson Stone is a troubled teen who is trying to find purpose in his existence as he faces an uncertain road of life and death. Follow this modern day Jacob as he struggles between choosing the road of destruction or the walk of the cross. Dove approved. Approx. 85 minutes. As I Stand $3 When we are Weak God is strong After a year of marriage, Devin Wheeler is grieving the death of his wife at the hands of young men who robbed and stabbed youth pastor Matt Daniels. Meanwhile, Matt is demanding answers from God. When their lives intersect, how will they answer the question "Would you love God for nothing?" Dove approved (all ages). Closed-captioned. Approx. 116 minutes. Walk by Faith $3 Inspired by a true story, Walk by Faith follows the story of Corey Montgomery, a teenager living with the painful effects of sickle cell anemia on a daily basis. Desiring to live a normal teenage life, Corey's outlook brightens when he discovers a potential but risky cure through a bone marrow transplant while working on a school project about his disease. ART Toulouse-Lautrec $3 (Udo Felbinger) Art in Focus Paperback Monet $3 ex library Great Artists – Discover the world of Monet & his paintings, his inspiration, and what we can learn from his art today. Leonardo da Vinci, Life and Work $3 Art in Focus paperback by Elke Linda Buchholz **Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes PENDING Good condition, $8 A How-to book Mona Brookes' easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson approach to drawing has yielded astounding results with children of all ages and beginning adults. Her unique drawing program has created a revolution in the field of education and a sense of delight and pride among the thousands of students who have learned to draw through her "Monart Method."