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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all I'm having a bit of a clean out, and would like to be rid of these books, please. I have put weights and dimensions next to the bigger books, to help you work out postage. The books that don't have this are just novel sizes. I would prefer to post in satchels as that makes my life easier. I have tried to be fair with prices - I have spent quite a lot of money over the years buying resources and so would like those resources that cost me a bit to at least be sold for something reasonable. A lot of what I'm selling is very under-priced. So please consider this. My postcode is 2830. Thanks for looking, Cathy Art Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad – x3 copies $6 each 695g 28 x 22 x 1.5cm How to Draw Animals and Birds Ed by Axiom, some wear and tear $2 430g 30 x 21 x 1cm An Introduction to Pencil Sketching by J McDonogh - some wear and tear $1 245g 26 x 21 x 1cm Sonlight Core 300 20thCentury History and Literature - 2014 Student and Instructor’s Guides. No writing or markings on either guides. Currently Sonlight’s price for these is $56.99 for each history and literature IG and $31.99 for each Student Guide. Binder plus tabs $41.98 each set. Total price of a new Core 300 History and Literature set is –$261.92 Selling for $120 – less than ½ price Student Guide 3.1kg 34 x 29 x 10cm IG – 3.2kg 34 x 29 x 10cm To explain what makes up each folder – Inside IG Sonlight blue folder with dividing tabs, is both the history and literature IGs, all set up and ready to go. Inside the Student Guide Blue Folder with dividing tabs, is both the history and Literature student guides, all set up and ready to go. Sonlight Science Books The Care And Keeping of You - American Girl (Science Core 5 2010) $4 265g 28 x 18 x 1cm Food And Nutrition – Van Cleave (Science Core 5 2010) $4 305g 23 x15 x2cm The Human Body –Vriesenga (Science Core 5 2010) $4 310g 21 x28 x1cm Science with Simple Things Series – Marson – Magnetism 33 (Science Core 3 &4 2009) $6 205g 28 x 21 x 0.5cm Science with Simple Things Series – Marson –Electricity 32 (Science Core 3 &4 2009) $6 233g 28 x 21 x 0.5cm Sonlight Core Books Ancient China set in box (Core 5 2010) $3 Ancient China Treasure Chest – Chao-Hui Jenny Lui (Core 5 2010) $1 Faces The Magazine About People, Australia Through Time (Core 5 2010) $2 Usborne Books of World History (Core B&C 2007) slightly worn $10 1.1kg 23 x 28 x 2cm The Awesome Book of Bible Facts – Silverthorne (Core B&C 2007) $4 725g 29 x 23 x1.5cm Money, Possessions and Eternity - Alcorn 610g 21 x 14 x 3cm (Core 500) The Bible Jesus Read – Yancey (Core 100) English IEW’s SICC C dvd and student notes(in a envelop only) Currently selling at $264.95 Selling for $200 820g 30 x 22 x 5cm The Two Andrews(On Writing and Teaching Writing) IEW and Circle Institute Currently selling at $39 Selling for $20 225g 18 x 17 x3.5cm The American Student Dictionary2007 this is an older version to what is in the link. Currently selling for $48 or $25 at Angus and Robertson- Selling for $10 1.9kg 26 x 21 x 4cm Merriam – Webster’s Thesaurus1998 this is an older version to what is in the link. Currently selling for $12 - $30 – Selling for $8 1.4kg 25 x 19 x 4cm The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation– Jane Straus, 10thedition. Currently selling for $19.63 – selling for $12 515g 28 x 22 x 1cm Writer’s Inc– Great Source, 2006, Currently selling for $51.40. Selling for $30 845g 23 x 17 x 2cm Write Now – Getty-Dubay ProgramCurrently $21.99 – Selling for $14 Critical Conditioning - Stout Currently selling for $8 – Selling for $5 Harvey’s Elementary Grammar and Composition$26.50 and Teacher’s Answer Key$14.38 – Selling the set for $15 All these books $1 each– bought from an Op shop Excel HSC English Study Guide – King Lear Oxford School Shakespeare – The complete and unabridged text of play plus student notes to help student to understand the play. Also has questions and activities. The Merchant of Venice; Julius Caesar; Twelfth Night 225g 15x 21 x1cm Romeo and Juliet – play only Shakespeare’s Stories Histories – retelling of Henry the 4th; Henry the 4th; Richard the 3rd; Julius Caesar; Anthony and Cleopatra Poetry Workshop ed Russell and Chatfield 270g 21 x14 x 1.5cm Science PAC Integrated Physics and Chemistry Set– Full set with student books, test books and teacher’s resource book. Great science course for a non-science student, to introduce the basics concepts of chemistry and physics without the rigour of experiments and maths etc normally associated with high school sciences. $40 4.6kg13 x 32 x 27cm Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physics companion CD Currently selling $19 Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science companion CD Currently selling $19 Or Book Depository $15.49 - Selling for $8 each Knowledge Box Central Lapbook Journal CD for Apologia’s Physical Science $4 Apologia’s Advanced Chemistry Lab Set– brand new from Nature’s Workshop Plus Currently selling for $65 – Selling $50 1.1kg in a box 34 x 27 x 13cm Evolution The Grand Experiment Vol 1– Carl Werner Currently selling $24.49 Selling for $10 1.4kg, 28cm x 22cm x 2.5cm Various All these following booksbought at various places $1 each Excel HSC Biology Core – has highlighter in it The Dish – Everything you want to know about CSIRO Parkes Dish Famous Scientists – Morgan Astronomy Science Without Limits A Resource Book of Ideas for Teachers 230g 29 x 21 x 0.5cm Atlas of the Universe – Krisciunas and Yenne 1.1kg 37 x 27 x 1.5cm The World Atlas of Birds 1.5kg 30 x 23 x 3.5cm Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom 2.15kg 23 x 30 x 4cm Primary Atlas Heinemann 720g 30cm x 24cm x 15cm The Conquest of Everest – Rosen 340g 27 x 22 x 5cm Birds of the Top End – Arnold Alaska’s Glaciers Frozen in Motion – Hocker General Books – Good for Building a Library These books all $1 each The Wonderful Life os Charles de Foucauld Chapman - 425g 22 x 28 x 1.5cm Stories of Robin Hood and His Merry Men – Rutley Airymouse – Penrose (a book about flying an AVRO 504K, the Airymouse) The History of Mr Polly – HG Wells – old book The Last of the Mohicians Cooper – abridged version The Dark Frigate – C Boardman Hawes To the City of Gold Savery old book The Witch’s Brat – Rosemary Sutcliffe Holiday Romance other Writings for Children – Dickens Strange Objects – Gary Crew (signed copy) For Love of a Rose – the Story of the Peace Rose - Ridge These Books are about Christians/Missionaries $1 each Forest Doctor Story of Albert Schweiter – Northcott (Doctor in French Equatorial Africa) Star over Gobi – Story of Mildred Cable –Northcott (Missionary in Gobi Desert) This Child Must Die – Ruck (Missionary work in Batak Highlands of N Sumatra) Pearl – Ruck (Missionary story of Asia) That Greater Freedom – Kirk (Missionary story at the time of Muslim extremists rebelling in Indonesia) When the Roof Caves In – Stories from a mix of Missionaries about their experiences The Best of John Bunyan – Bunyan Australian Stories for the Heart and Soul Australian Stories of Life These Books are of Christian/Bible Content – prices stated Flying Closer to the Flame – Charles Swindoll - $2 Peace Making Women - Biblical Hope for Resolving Conflict Barthel & DaBLER - $2 560g User’s Guide to the Bible – Wright $1 First Impression – Hawtrey - $1 The Lion Handbook to the Bible -$1 1.23k 23 x 17 x 5 cm The 10 Second Rule – de Graaf $1 Everything You Want to Know About the Bible – Downey & Shaw $2 Choosing to See – Mary Beth Chapman $2 Sinner’s Creed a Memoir – Scott Stapp $2 Helpful Parenting Books Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit – Teri Maxwell $4 To Train Up a Child – Michael and Debi Pearl $4 Why Gender Matters – Leonard Sax $4