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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have these homeschool materials for sale: Answers in Genesis: The World of plants Text book and Teacher's supplement $15 The World of Animals Text book and Teacher's Supplement $15 The Human Body Text book and Teacher's Supplement $15 Or $40 the lot plus postage Fizzy Foamy Science Kit from Australia Geographic bought for $20 a few years ago (Mix safe chemicals and make fizzy, foamy reactions) Unused in box $5 contact me via amandabethw@gmail.com if you have any questions
  2. Sonlight Resources: LA#1 Instructions and Answer Key $10 Grade 3 Reader Schedule and Study Guide $8 Intro to World History 1 (B) - read aloud study guide $5 Intro to World History 2 (C) - Core. In folder with tabs $20 Science K - Activity sheets, cut-outs and answers $10 Science 2 - Guide, student pages, answers $15 Window to the World, excellent condition, $5 People and Places, $3 Pick up or postage from 4073.
  3. WTB Apologia General Science Ed 2(preferred). Melbourne.
  4. Preschool craft - At The Zoo by Judy Press (Winterpromise book) $3 Preschool craft - Alphabet Art by Judy Press (Winterpromise book) $3 Christian Light Education Language Arts 1 Teacher's Guide $5 Language Arts Booklets 107-110 $5 set Learning to Read Teacher's Guide 101-105 $5 Learning to Read Teacher's Guide 106-110 $5 Reading 1 Teacher's Guide $5 Handwriting Without Tears - Kindegarten Teacher's Guide, Slate & Wooden Pieces $10 SET Fun Tales: Set of 27 Beginner Readers $5 - Sonlight Phonics Set $3 - Alphabet Bingo, Sight Words Bingo, Go Blend, Go A - Z Keys to Good Language Set $5 Teachers Book 5 Teachers Book 6 Unused Student Book 6 Rod & Staff: Everywhere We Go - Kindy book $2 Multiplication & Division Flashcards $1 After the War by Carol Matas (WWII story) $1 Holocaust Activity Book for Year 5-8 unused $1 The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald $2 The Great Brain by John D. Fitzgerald $2 (as new) The Christian Mother Goose (well used) $2 Brave New World by Aldous Huxley $2 (as new) Sonlight 330 Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse $2 Sonlight 130 Year 1 Readers Set $10 Science Focus 3 Textbook & unused Homework Book (Year 9) $4 Science Focus 4 Textbook $3 (Year 10) Sonlight Science Core B (Year 1) SET $30 Sonlight Science A Instructors Guide $5 Sonlight Language Arts K Instructors Guide $5 Sonlight Language Arts 1 Instructors Guide $5 Singapore Math 2A & 2B Textbooks $8 (cover worn) Will post in Australia Post satchels or Officeworks Parcel Post, your choice. Or pickup from Frenchs Forest, Sydney. Thanks for looking
  5. Hi everyone I have these for sale. Postage extra, thank you. Sci Fi set - $2 Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card Now a major motion picure, Ender's Game is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed science fiction classics ever written Time Riders - Alex Scarrow Mess around with Time and the World you know... could become a world you don't Conspiracy 365 March Gabrielle Lord On New Year's Eve, Callum Ormond is chased down the street by a crazed man with a deadly warning : They killed your father, They'll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days! Sean's War $2 Leone Castell Anderson Sean Callahan's life on the western frontier in the 1830s is filled with fearful questions. Will the Indians scalp him for his red hair? Must he crawl into a narrow mine shaft? When will his parents stop their battles over how to treat the Indians? How can Sean prove his courage to his father ... and himself? A Sailor with Captain Cook - How they lived $3 ex-library Life for a sailor on Captain Cook's ship, the Endeavour, was hard and sometimes dangerous. Living conditions for the crew were damp, dark and very unhealthy. Fights and arguments often broke out in the overcrowded quarters, but punishment for troublemakers was harsh. .. Everything from a Nail to a Coffin $3 HC by Iris Van Rynbach An unusual true story, Everything from a Nail to a Coffin, traces the history of one building in one town, a commercial structure on Main Street in Glastonbury, Connecticut, from its construction in 1874 to modern day. Math Murderous Math $4 - All Shapes and Sizes (9+ up) by Kjartan Poskitt Get ready to suss out shapes and untange angles. Discover the power of polygons, why comets are pretty crazy and how to make sure you'll always get your fair share of cake - its time to get shapes sorted. The World in One Day HC $3 A DK book by Russell Ash Every day... 7 million pizzas are eaten in America...one human heart pumps enough blood to fill 170 baths … lightning strikes Earth 8 million times... Various God's World and Johnny $2 by Dorothy Westlake Andrews (Rod and Staff) A charming story of an endearing little boy named Johnny, whose Christian parents lovingly answer his many questions about the exciting and sometimes puzzling world in which Johnny and all little children live. Maelstrom free with purchase by Alexander Scott The turbulent, role-playing game of thieves, rogues, magick and mayhem Fifty Favourite Fairy Tales $2 HC Andrew Lang chosen by Kathleen Lines Doctor Dolittle $2 HC a Treasury Hugh Lofting Flash Cards AMEB Grade 2 free All Ages Any Instrument History The Mystery of the Mummy's Mask $2 Mystery + clues + suspects = who dun it? Paul Holper & Simon Torok The Jubilee Boy $2 HC The Life and Recollections of George Swinford of Filkins Researched and edited by Judith Fay and Richard Martin Plot for the Queen $2 HC by Margaret J. Miller Although they held Mary Queen of Scots a prisoner, Queen Elizabeth and her Ministers knew that she was still a deadly threat to the throne because she provided a focus for all England's oppressed Catholics. A Medieval Feast $3 written and illustrated by Aliki ART Toulouse-Lautrec $2 art in focus Monet $2 Michelangelo $2 art in focus