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Most homeschoolers are one income families and always looking for ways to be frugal and wise stewards of their finances. However, with today’s technology it is easy to cross the line from being frugal to committing illegal and unethical acts.

Computers, the Internet and file sharing websites have allowed the sharing of intellectual property ridiculously easy with the click of a mouse button. Many times, people are unaware that they are breaking copyright laws so we try to inform users and work with them.

We encourage homeschoolers to have integrity by following the principle of educational fair use. Defining this to cover every possibility or infraction is not easy but there are a few guidelines that we can take note of:

  • A producer of material has rights concerning the way their material can be copied. When you purchase an item from Homeschooling DownUnder or Education Reformation (as an example) you buy the material with the understanding that the publisher, the copyright owner, has certain and specific rights.
  • If in doubt, check with the publisher or author of the material. This information is usually included at the beginning of the book or resource. If not, you can contact many of the self publishers through AussieHomeschool.

AussieHomeschool maintains the right to delete any ad selling, promoting or giving away materials that are protected by copyright practice. 

Before placing your ad, check that you have the right to copy, promote, sell or give away the item!


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