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Friends who have finished homeschooling are looking for happy homes for the books listed.

Books sent via Aust. post or Officeworks Mailman.

Happy to combine.....

Please direct all correspondence to me, (Samuel) as my mum is dealing with her dad, my grandfather, who is dying...mum isn't available at this present time, thank you for your understanding

Thanks in advance,



Writer’s To Young women On Laura Ingalls Wilder: As Told by Her Family, Friends &  Neighbours by Stephen W. Hines hb wdj  *as new* would make a lovely gift….$15… From helping others in times of need, to keeping and maintaining friendships, to having a positive attitude, Laura's words of wisdom in Writings to Young Women from Laura Ingalls Wilder: On Wisdom and Virtues are applicable even in today's world. As she shares stories and experiences from her own life, she encourages readers to live lives of integrity and to realize their dreams. This book is one filled with wisdom and advice that is timeless. It may have been written many years ago, but it seems to have been written for today. If you are a collector, you will enjoy this book. It would make a fine gift for anyone.

The Door In The Wall by Marguerite De Angeli pb ec $6…

Adam Of The Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray pb ec $7… Awarded the John Newbery Medal as "the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children" in the year of its publication. "A road's a kind of holy thing," said Roger the Minstrel to his son, Adam. "That's why it's a good work to keep a road in repair, like giving alms to the poor or tending the sick. It's open to the sun and wind and rain. It brings all kinds of people and all parts of England together. And its home to a minstrel, even though he may happen to be sleeping in a castle." And Adam, though only eleven, was to remember his father's words when his beloved dog, Nick, was stolen and Roger had disappeared and he found himself traveling alone along these same great roads, searching the fairs and market towns for his father and his dog. Here is a story of thirteenth-century England, so absorbing and lively that for all its authenticity it scarcely seems "historical." Although crammed with odd facts and lore about the time when "longen folke to goon on pilgrimages," its scraps of song and hymn and jongleur's tale of the period seem as new minted and fresh as the day they were devised, and Adam is a real boy inside his striking striped surcoat.  Gray does an admirable job, especially given that she was a librarian for her day job!!!. You will really love entering the world of this book, and I would highly recommend it.

The Caroline Years: Little House in Brookfield by Maria D. Wilkes pb *as new* $10… Spirit of the Western Frontier: Meet Caroline Quiner, the little girl who would grow up to be Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother.  Little House in Brookfield marks the launch of an on-going series about the adventures of Caroline Quiner, who would grow up to be Ma Ingalls in the Little House books. Written in the classic tradition of the Little House and the Rocky Ridge books, and based on diaries, letters, and other historical papers, these books offer a glimpse into America's adventurous past, as seen through the eyes of another girl from America's beloved frontier family. Wilkes's story is enjoyable & very easy to read. The characters themselves jump off the page as in the other spin-off series & captures the imagination of a family that is a part of American folklore. A very good start to what should be a promising series. 

The Martha Years: The Far Side of The Lake by Melissa Wiley pb *as new* $10…

The Rose Years: On The Banks of the Bayou by Roger Lea MacBride pb *as new* $10…

The Charlotte Years : Across The Puddingstone Dam by Melissa Wiley pb *as new* $10…

The Rose Years: New Dawn on Rocky Ridge by Roger Lea MacBride pb *as new* $10…

The Rose Years: Little Town in The Ozarks by Roger Lea MacBride pb *as new* $10…

The Martha Years : Beyond the Heather Hills by Melissa Wiley pb *as new* $10…

Laura Ingalls Wilder : West From Home (Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder San Francisco, 1915 Edited by Roger Lea MacBride pb *as new* $10… In 1915, Laura Ingalls Wilder traveled by train from her home in Missouri to San Francisco. Laura's westward journey to visit her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, coincided with a spectacular event taking place in that city-the Panama Pacific International Exposition.  This was a great world's fair celebrating the completion of the Panama Canal, and Laura was amazed by the attractions that had been gathered there. 
 Her husband, Almanzo, was unable to leave their Missouri farm, and it was Laura's letters that gave him the chance to see what she saw during her visit to California. 
These letters, gathered together here, allow the reader to experience Laura's adventures and her intimate thoughts as she shared with her husband the events of her exciting sojourn. This book, a collection of letters that the real-life Laura wrote to her husband in 1915 whilst the former was away touring the World's Fair in San Francisco. They're charming and full of the excellent attention to detail that would later become a hallmark of the Little House series. 

Thursday’s Child by Noel Streatfeild pb ec $6…. 

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin pn ec $5… Kate Douglas Wiggin started the first free kindergarten in San Francisco in 1878 (the Silver Street Free Kindergarten). With her sister during the 1880s, she also established a training school for kindergarten teachers. Kate Wiggin devoted her adult life to the welfare of children in an era when children were commonly thought of as cheap labour. Kate Douglas Wiggin tells the story of Rebecca Rowena Randall and her two stern aunts in the fictional village of Riverboro, Maine. Rebecca's joy for life inspires her aunts, but she faces many trials in her young life, gaining wisdom and understanding. Rebecca win’s over the hearts and minds of everyone who'll see her show. . . . Certainly she won over Jack London. In 1904 he wrote to Wiggin herself: "May I thank you for Rebecca.  I would have travelled the wide world over to make her mine, only I was born too long ago and she was born but yesterday.... Why could she not have been my daughter? Why couldn't it have been I who bought the three hundred cakes of soap? Why, O, why?" And Mark Twain, says  too: he described Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as "beautiful and warm and satisfying."  WOW! And these were men! Just sidenote: If you like Anne of Green Gables you like Rebecca….)

Brian Jacques : The Legend of Luke pb *as new* $7…. 

Brian Jacques : Mariel of Redwall pb ec $6… 

Brian Jacques : Loamhedge  (Larger than others in the series) pb *as new* $10… 

The Waterstone by Rebecca Rupp pb ec $7… homeschool mum and author of many homeschool books Rupp, author’s this  well-crafted tale and careful attention to detail which will have young readers forgetting that the characters are only a few inches tall. . . . An amazing journey of surprising proportions….
The world is drying. Twelve-year-old Tad — who is only a few inches tall — doesn’t even notice it at first. Busy practicing with his new spear, arguing with his sister, Birdie, and living the normal life of a youngling of the Fisher Tribe, he thinks little of a stream slowed to a trickle here, a pond suddenly dwindling there. But Tad begins to have strange flashbacks — glimpses of the past that he knows can't possibly be his own. With these "remembering’s" haunting him, he and Birdie begin an adventure marked by great sorrows, fierce battles, and unbreakable friendships. In this remarkable rite of passage, Tad grows to know who he really is and what his destiny holds. For only he can restore the water and save the forests and animals and Tribes. Only he can retrieve the Waterstone. 

The Sparrow Child by Meriol Trevor hb wdj ec $15…

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12 hours ago, morialta4me said:

The Door In The Wall by Marguerite De Angeli pb ec $6….


12 hours ago, morialta4me said:

Thursday’s Child by Noel Streatfeild pb ec $6….

I would like both of these, thanks :)

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Hello Mrs intoGrace,

I have put these aside for you.

I am in the process of typing another list if you would like to peruse it, otherwise I will quote the most affordable postage.

God Bless You


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Thanks, Samuel.  Yes, I'll have a look at your new list first.  Cheers.

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