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FS: Australia, The Wide Brown Land for Me! Notebook

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Hi  all - I've had several requests since we closed down from people who own Australia, the Wide Brown Land for Me!   but not the notebook.

While I'm unable to print these at the moment, I have now have it available as an ebook!    

All notebook pages have been compiled to match the lessons as presented in the text, however, this notebook could be used on its own, where the child is expected to research the various topics using encyclopedias, reference books, or the Internet.

The book includes maps, pictures to colour, lined boxes to write information and much more.  

over 116 pages to use alongside Australia the Wide Brown Land for Me!  Or with any other Australian History programme.

Further information, details, and sample pages can be found here:


E-Book version is available for just $20.00!   You can print it out for use within your own home as many times as you like!  

As you will see, our shopping cart is currently disabled but if you wish to purchase a copy simply email me at:  adnilpress@gmail.com, leave a message below or inbox me.





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