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A Mixed Bag

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Tinned set of Beatrix Potter Audio Books. The complete tales and nursery rhymes of Beatrix Potter on 23 cds. You can see this set on Abe books or Book Depository.(though unavailable on the latter)

In very good condition, $50 

"Enjoy Your Recorder" The  Trapp Family Singers. In good condition. Plus two recorders, and one cleaning stick. Altogether $15.

"La France: Une Tapisserie" Politzer -Abel - Bourque - Helstrom - Hull - Maman.  Hardcover, 1965. In good condition.'Woven of the writings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it presents a panorama of the diverse peoples, customs, ideas, and attitudes that have intertwined to make modern France As reading and writing become increasingly more important aspects of language learning, it is necessary that the student maintain and further develop his listening and speaking skills. To continue learning French this modern way, there are detailed drills and patterns for oral practice, presenting finer points of graa and syntax, review exercises, uniqque treatments of new vocabulary items and thought questions for oral discussion and composition. .A book for secondary students. $8.

"Synonyms and Antonyms" by Frank Ross. Small hardback, in good condition. ...increase your everyday vocabulary and develop a greater precision of word choice.  Entries, synonyms and antonyms are well spaced and set in clear distinctive type styles, and multiple main entries are clearly separated. ..this book will be useful to all who work with words and will resolve the problems of word choice that arise with all who wish to write clearly and effectively. $4.

Thank you for looking. Postage is not included. JeanM.



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