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PRICES REDUCED OR MAKE AN OFFER Tapestry and Counted Cross Stitch Kits and equipment

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I enjoy stitching but just don't think I will ever get these done so I have the following kits for sale:

Tapestry - Friends of the Library $25 $20


I have sorted the wool and threads onto the card and stitched a small part in the lower lefthand corner and an even smaller part in the top left hand corner.

Counted cross stitch - The Butterflies $12 $10


I have sorted the threads onto the card and used some of the thread from this to stitch a smaller piece with a couple of the butterflies on it.

May Gibbs counted cross stitch:

Flannel Flower babies $25 $20


I have sorted the threads onto the card and started this one also, about 30 stitches done.

Christmas Bell babies $23 $18


I have sorted the threads onto the card and there is some thread missing that I used for something else.

Wattle babies $18 $15


I have sorted the threads onto the card and stitched the centre lines. I think there is a litlle bit of thread missing from this - I started the cross stitch and then pulled it out to start again.

All kits have the details of thread brand and colour numbers so if you need to buy extra you can.

I also have a rectangular wooden frame and floor stand that you attach the tapestry canvas or cross stitch cloth to to keep it taut while you stitch. The area you are not working at the time is rolled around the roller bars. The frame screws onto the stand so you don't have to hold the weight of the work.

Tapestry/Embroidery Frame $20 $18


Mine has two lengths of roller bars - 67 cm and 117 cm; use which ever size fits the size of your work. The holes in the middle of the fixed side pieces allow for the frame to be bolted onto a floor stand. All bolts have wing nuts on them.

Wooden floor stand $50 $45

https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/472090286/stand-for-flip-loom-for-25-or-20-flip?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=floor stand&ref=sr_gallery-1-28

The stand I have is adjustable is width, the narrowest setting fits the smaller roller bars, the widest the longer roller bars on the frame. Mine is slightly different from the one pictured in the link - the width adjustment lengths of wood at the base sit on top of each othe with the bolts going vertically through the two pieces rather the lengths of wood sitting next to each other with the bolts going horizontally. The arms that hold the frame bolt into the uprights and can sit vertically or at angle of 45 degrees. The frame is attached with bolts to the free ends of the angled pieces. As with the frame, all bolts have wing nuts on adjustable parts. 

Frame and stand together $60  $55

The frame and stand may not be able to be sent by Australia Post - I will have to check. I am in Melbourne and am happy to meet somewhere half way between my place and your place for handover. Postage is extra for kits.

Thanks for looking,



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I've reduced the prices of everything. The longer rods from the frame are too long to post with auspost, so they would need to be picked up.

Feel free make an offer.

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