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Sonlight Core 100 Language Yr 7 + Rod and Staff Christian English Series Yr4 - Yr 7

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1.  Sonlight Curriculum Language Arts 7 Instructor's Guide and Notes.  This is equivalent to Core 100 and is suggested for year 7, however being sonlight it can be adapted to accommodate multi level children. The folder has the core 100 IG and the Language Arts 7 IG as well. I don't have a copy of the language arts worksheets, but most activities are clear and understood through the IG. The weight is about 2kg, so would need an under 3kg satchel which is $13.80.  Cost $ + postage $13.80  = $60 (including postage).

I also have 5 of the relevant readers:

1. Dear Mr Henshaw

2. A Gathering of days

3. My side of the mountain

4. Moonshiner's son

5. Out of Dust

(extra $20 for the above 5 books)

2. Rodd and Staff Building Christian English Series

Years 4 - 7 available.  Lessons and Teacher's manual for each grade: $20 for both books or $80 for all 4 including postage

Yr4: Building with Diligence.  

yr5: Following the Plan

Yr6: Progressing with Courage 

Yr 7: Building Securely

Any questions, please ask.

Thank you


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