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Year 10-12 Maths, Science, Logic, Philosophy, Economics

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Year 10-12 maths, science, logic and social skills. I'm SOR in North Lake. You are welcome to come over and look at everything. Otherwise post satchels: $9 for the 500gm bags and $14 for the large 3kg bags, $18 to send in a 5kg satchel. You can find out the shipping by the weights of each book (all listed).
Bluestocking Economics (goes with the Richard Maybury book: Penny Candy) $20
James Nance Intermediate Logic Workbook 550g and answer book $10
James Nance Intermediate Logic Answers 270g $10
Philosophy and Ethics ATAR Year 11 VCG: $25 600g each

Cambridge Mathematical Methods Year 11 VGC
Cambridge Mathematical Methods Year 12 VGC
$40 each 1700g 
Chemistry $20
Introduction to Chemistry Year 10 New (404g) $20
Tiner Physics: like new $10 460g

Social Skills Picture Book



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What edition is Bluestocking Economics (goes with the Richard Maybury book: Penny Candy) $20? 

Also, what would postage be to 2773? 

Thank you


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